Hello guys … how long would you take to de-flower a girl if you’re dating ?

We kaa hapo ukingojea na kuuliza maswali za kishenzi…utapata tulishakula maembe mbichi na chumvi wewe ukingojea iiive

Ni strategy mzae

Lube is the thing … teleza kama nyoka pangoni

Dating ni kufanya nini?


Umefi thread

Dating= beta male behavior,uliza slices na utembeze mucakwe bila kuwaste time and resources Kama alpha male alaaa


From experience virgins are not even worth the panties they wear…itisha slices na mtu akianza kuregarega mwambie aende atobolewe nauko halafu akimaliziwa akuje akuite. U sound like a very young negro, acha nikuibie siri: Hapana bembeleza hii watu…never!

if you don’t get it in 10 days just stop wasting your time.

people still date?

Nunulia MTU konyagi tatu na umwekee mango juice.

My girlfriend is allergic to flowers, so I was very lucky with this. Because flowers are more expensive than chocolate. My girlfriend likes chocolate, so I buy it instead of flowers. I think that if you want your girlfriend to love you, you should give her gifts for the rest of your life. I don’t have a lot of money right now, so I’m glad I can save on flowers. But when I get richer and we live together, I’ll try to always behave like a gentleman. By the way, I like it when there are indoor flowers at home, so I found the information in Hobby plants blog that the palm tree doesn’t cause allergies. So, I will give it to my girlfriend, and then she will bring it to our future apartment. And I think that’s a very good plan. This will be the flower of our relationship.

wee ghaseer ulinirushia namba and that lady akateta sana

Nice story, bro.

Ulishindwa ngeli kijana