Anyone with idea of where i can take some of my clothes and shoes that i hardly wear.
They are in good condition ni vile @kanguthu amekuwa mpishi timam hadi waist ikaenda an inch higher sasa hazinitoshei
Trousers,shati,polos,chagets…no wadawiraas pengine a few pair of socks.
They are too good to be tossed into a dustbin.
Pls help

Would you be willing to donate some…I wear size 34 trouser na kiatu ni size 43 hapo


Dont you have a bruh, kassin, uncle or inlaws to donate to. Toa ushoga hapa

Patia “soja” as a Christmas present. Or hand them down to your relatives/neighbours in the village.

Saidia yule maskini wa Coast province @Tommy Kwesule . Apate za krismas.

It does not reflect well on you as a grown adult having to seek help about getting rid of unused cloths.

It creates an impression of a fool that can’t think for himself.


I believe you have something called a dustbin in your house?


Mzee @kanguthu niaje?

Mamako ni mtamu

@Agwambo alikuwa anatafuta THONG apatie bibi yake @Douchebag after kumtomba mkia

Patia wafanyi kazi wako starting with @kanguthu