De Beers names Lupita Nyongo as its global ambassador

Diamond mining giant De Beers announced on Thursday Academy Award-winning actor Lupita Nyong’o as its first global ambassador.,1453370.html


Ata kafunga mbaya

Slaves being champions of empowerment… lol you gppls are really cheap to influence.

She knows the right Jews. Got another Jew jailed.

Tangu apigwe shot na Weinstein career yake ili take off kama rocket

Y Yeye pia?

Alitumwa na Obama amalize Weinstein. Then Obama fires up a new studio that goes global. Its called Netflix.

Wewe jiulize swali …mtu anaweza toka Kenya(she was not even known here) aende US akue A lister Hollywood in less than 2 years ? Tunaongea mtu ako level ya Dwayne Johnson na akina Tom Cruise na Jennifer Lawrence

waciuri wacha wivu

Believe it or not some people are just that lucky. Hata kama ni kutumia kuma, can you imagine the number of stunning women kule Los Angeles who have not made that kind of impact.

De Beers have a very good bloody record…good luck erasing it

Lupita ni project ya Obama as are many woke actors and directors.

Weinstein was set up. Lupita went to his house, she knew what she was doing. And they got him.

Obama understands the power and influence of cinema in changing people’s thoughts. Weinstein had a chokehold in Hollywood, whereas Obama wanted new cinema, woke cinema and Weinstein had to be removed.

Another key target was Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby is the exact opposite of Obama. Americans love him. Bill Cosby is anti woke, anti civil rights. He represents blacks who want to get ahead in life without pity politics. Activists dont like Bill Cosby at all. So Obama had to find a way to smear this black character. So now Obama has achieved what he wanted which was complete power, political power and control of culture.

All movies are today made the way he wants, according to the Obama ideals of political correctness and wokeness. But they are not making any money.

Harvey Weinstein is the creative power behind filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino who has had a lot of impact on American culture.

What Obama is doing is silly because you cannot force people to adopt new culture.

Jennifer @Sambamba wacuiri wivu itakua. Pia wewe enda upigwe shot tuone haga zako Hollywood

You sound like a retarded whore. A very big fool full of conspiracy theories

Two most reasonable comments here.

The gal’s lucky and LUCK only works when an opportunity opens up for those who are prepared for the chance.

Right place at the right time

Of course mtasema naonea Obama. Ati ni conspiracy theory but you don’t read anything.

Hizi culture wars zinajulikana sana. This is not hidden knowledge it is public knowledge.

How Herman Cain and Barack Obama Brought Down Bill Cosby | Time

[SIZE=7]How Herman Cain and President Obama Brought Down Bill Cosby[/SIZE]
Bill Cosby in New York in 2011.

Lucas Jackson—Reuters

NOVEMBER 21, 2014 11:18 AM EST
John McWhorter is an associate professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University.
With the curtain falling on Bill Cosby’s career in the wake of multiple accusations of his raping women throughout his career, many have asked why it took so long for America to condemn the man. This seam in his past has been aired quite often over the past 10 years, and yet his iconic status as America’s favorite (black) Dad has continued, with NBC having even been readying to build yet another sitcom around him until this Wednesday. What is it about now that is making us — white, black and other — see Cosby plain?
Partly, Barack Obama and Herman Cain.

Of course, two other factors, more apparent, have played a role — but alone, they would not have popped the lock.
For one, Cosby has alienated many black people with his criticisms of black behavior, crystallized in the now famous “Pound Cake speech” of 2004 commemorating Brown v. the Board of Education. When black comedian Hannibal Buress charged that Cosby is a racist, sparking the latest events when the clip went viral, Buress was explicit that it rankles him that Cosby has called for black people to “Pull your pants up,” etc. when Cosby himself had, shall we say, not done so.

Lucky kitu gani?

Hata hio Oscar you think it’s luck? :D:D:D

Hollywood and the White House are twins joined at the hip. Who do you think started ‘Me too’ and ‘Oscars are so white’ movements?

#DeleteNetflix #BoycottHollywierd

Tulia. Wacha otunguu inuke. Slavery angle is just parable mtu yangu . Wivu taua wewe siku moja

Obama ni noma. He had netflix pre installed in ecery phone and tv on earth. Within 8 years of his presidency Netflix became the number 1 movie studio on earth. Hapo amejaribu.

And today Obama is the number 1 film producer in earth. No producer in history has ever gotten the perks Obama has. He gets paid even before he makes a movie or documentary. And this is a guy with zero film training. If only he hired people based on talent rather than race politics. Documentary zake zina bore. YouTube created a special platform for him called Youtube originals he couldnt even hit 100,000 views on his own without Youtube playing dirty games Youtube basically built a studio for Obama, akashindwa.