DCI Releases Forensic Analysis Of Electronic Devices Seized From Venezuelans

The Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) concluded its investigations on electronics confiscated from three Venezuelans arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) last month.
The three; Salvador Javier Suarez, Jose Gregorio Castellano, and Joel Gustavo Rodriguez, were found in possession of election materials during their arrests.
They were released under circumstances that Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai and IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati then said were the result of successful negotiations.
Detective Joseph Kolum, for the Director of the anti-terrorism unit, listed seven items recovered from the three Venezuelans and revealed details of critical information found in them.
The items include one TB external disc, one laptop, six flash disks, three mobile phones, one tablet, one SIM card and one monitor.
Detectives said the iPhone13 Pro Max and laptop recovered from the foreigners were unlike any other ordinary devices as they were highly encrypted and most probably used in secured communication.
The laptop and 1TB external disc were found with an IEBC database schematic diagram, IEBC network diagram, IEBC KIEMS kit, IEBC KIEMS kit deployment list, user name and passwords, local IP address configurations and Virtual Private Network (VPN) settings.
The DCI also discovered that 19 foreigners had administrative rights in the IEBC system where only 2 Kenyans had access.
An iPhone 13 Pro max recovered from Suarez, had phone contacts of IEBC employees, service providers technical teams from; Safaricom, Telkom Kenya, Airtel Kenya and Thuraya.
A laptop seized from Castellano was found to have key information regarding the August 9, polls.
The report findings revealed that Castellano is one of the IEBC system administrators and was in a position to remotely access the entire IEBC data; he had the capacity to add, delete, or edit the entire IEBC system in any manner.
A mobile phone found with Rodriguez was found with private family photos/images, private family videos, IEBC system configuration, IEBC documents in Spanish language, Spanish calls logs, Spanish contacts and IEBC election actions plan.
The SIM card found with him had Spanish call logs, messages and foreign contacts.
The analysis was done on July 25. The ATPU boss now recommending an urgent forensic audit of the system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities, in the letter addressed to the DCI.

Is this true or narratives being spun around. To have custody of election documents is a violation of the law. The Salvadorians apparently had exchanged text messages and communications with IEBC officials. So is there any arrest of those IEBC officials? If not, why? Because one can make the assumption that those officials are UDA tilted. And government( DCI) was pro-Azimio.

how did dci acess the iphone?

The owners are not dead, they were in custody of DCI …so wanaweka password wenyewe.

Walifungwa pingu halafu wakaekewa siafu kwa makende. Ilibidii waimbe hadi national anthem ya jamhuri.

… following closely.


Let’s look at our very credible DCI.

When Chebukati first complained of these arrests, DCI lied to the Public.

Kinoti even claimed the Anti Terror Police Unit was a making of Chebukati’s imagination.

But then again, let’s believe the DCI

And judging by past interaction, Chebukati has been proved true, DCI has been proved a liar l

Upuss… Hiyo ni universal remote terminal, those we’re IEBC contractor, it’s normal for them to have those system rights

Ile upuzi iko huko DCI, anyways am not shocked, the sharp ones never touch such jobs. #thebigreveal they said.

Hatukatai but those system rights can be used for rigging.

People went out and voted and we impressed the world but we never had an election…UDA were never bothered that foreigners had election materials and actually defended IEBC…let that sink in. They should have been up in arms that “deep state” is trying to rig elections…they were the deep state.

Have you ever solicited for any complex software or system? If yes, this argument has no grounds. Otherwise, IEBC should dev it’s own inhouse system to averse the “foreigners” and intruder fears. #tough job with Raila crying wolf everytime

SI Kuna hard copy form 34A, sketch, agent pics or sth? Compare that with server side form 34A, it’s upon Azimio to prove the values are different.

Contractors are not supposed to have access to production servers! Ideally they should access test servers and should be granted access to production on a need basis with supervision after which the access should be revoked.

I thought this matter was resolved.
Police say row with IEBC over Venezuelans’ arrest has been resolved (citizen.digital)

Not gonna change nothing.
JSKS the 5th.

Depends, I am from a background that we relied on the said “contractors” to explain certain mishappenings within our systems…esp if in an error withing the system emanates from “live” data and it’s difficult to replicate the “error”. You can never fully plug out a developer from the program, lazima ajiwekee “fail safe” Incase you go rogue.

I hope with the new government utaanza kuvaa ngotha

Deep state nyangau umeffi…endeni home bila kusumbua…we need nyote muishie…dcy umeffi mumeshinda na Yala river…ama ndiyo nyinyi

OEM just doing it’s job in the field service,the kits were not made in Kenya, or by Kenyans,they were outsourced from some vendor