DCI is such a joke- Meffi bure kabisa

Why prosecute someone for ksh 12 billion over media and then charge him for ksh 107 million in court.
What nonesense is this? This is just useless hyping of corruption cases .i remember similar case of ksh 9 billion lost in NYS and yet the guys facing corruption were only charged for ksh 900 million

Juu 107 million sio pesa?

Boss the police are not independent. They are simply following “orders from above”. If Ruto becomes president you will see the DCI arresting his enemies in a similar manner. That’s just the way it is.

Wewe maffi mtu hucharge what you know you have evidence for/against. And absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence. Jailing someone takes a very high threshold of evidence. These people are really cunning. They know how to dodge justice. Si uliskia Onyancha the serial killer akiachiliwa despite confessing that he killed? Gachagua himself has never denied having 12B. He only says if they have evidence to take him to court. So who are you to speak for him?
Question is how a former civil servant, with no known company, industry, firm organized discos to get 12B.

Off topic but why would any self respecting judge release a serial killer. Is it true that he was just a mentally deranged individual who’s only wrong was having disturbing intrusive thoughts or is there more to this story vile tumezoea kenya

Hio 12billion assert recovery ndio inafuata.

I have always said that NEGROES were not ready for independence in 1963. The year 2063 would have been the approriate time to grant Entire Africa independence.

Let whoever has looted even a shilling be arrested. Yes, it’s political and one sided but it’s better than nothing. Hopefully another side will get to power and deal with those who are currently protected

The guy registered 49 companies within 2yrs. Most of the nyeri county funds, ended up in 21 of those companies…wamunyora investment, where him and his wife are the shareholders

Stealing is stealing. This strange weird defence ati it was only a couple of 100 millions and not the billions stated earlier is really ridiculous. We have heard this defence before. Kenyans are not that stupid.

We all know how this will end…

If jungu

If jungus stayed for additional 100 years, the whole Africa would look like south America: no full-blooded black man or woman could exist. They achieved this by exterminating men and mating with women. Additionally, because half-cast people would face less discrimination, women could prefer mating with jungus. What I am saying is that you could not be existing. Spanish did it in the island of Aruba, Argentina, Colombia etc. Even the so called natives in US are just half-casts

What Independence?. We were free for thousands of years save for afew decades. That wazungu gave us independence is nonsense.

Yep niliona picha ya some black native americans …walijaribu brazil wakashindwa

Vile @King Robert Baratheon amesema, pale mtu hajakula hio dough ni writer wa hio article kwa ngaseti

I don’t think you can charge propaganda.

jailing any corrupt person is fine with me. hata kama wewe ni mwizi ukiuwa mwizi mwenzako au mwizi opponent niko sawa na hio