DCI general-I shall implement Kenya Kwanza manifesto



Kinoti was castigated as being a stooge of Uhuru Kenyatta administration, this one has confessed to be a stooge of William Ruto administration, with no apologies.
Tweende kazi sasa.

Hahaha. I thought walisema DCI should be independent and professional? Kumbe sasa wamekuwa youthwingers wa hio chama.

Kinoti was used to persecute political dissent, Amin will be used to implement the kk plan which benefit everyone

Hiki kimenyoa hadi nywele kinakaa kuwa kitu mbaya. First time seeing the nigga and I hate him already.

And of course politicians and their stooges can be trusted to achieve the will of the people. Especially looters like Ruto and Gachagua.

DCI draws his mandate from the constitution, his isn’t a political office. KK plan as of now is REVENGE.

He looks weak in character and morals.

Wale wanakutomba mkia hukua na nywele

:D:D:D:D ni kubaya wadau . Moi era will look like kindergarten . hata hapa nashuku snitch mluhya @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD

Good Move


DCI has just been politicized and weaponized …
This fellow is just a “Yes Man” …
Kaa Chonjo … :D:D:D

Religious Leaders: Tick
Judiciary: Tick
Parliament: Tick
ODPP: Tick
DCI: Tick
Sycophancy: Well In Progress

Opposition to this government is going to face a difficult task.

Boss …
Talk to the Legends in here who went thru , survived and overcame the “Nyayo Error” …

The Moi Regime was by far more ruthless and well coordinated , but thanks to Nationalists , Comrades and Freedom Fighters like Mwashengu Wa Mwachofi “Karl Marx” , George Anyona , Prof: Wangari Maathai , Chelagat Mutai , Koigi Wa Wamwere , Martin Shikuku “Mwana Wa Oyondi” , Stanley Njindo Matiba , “Iron Lady” Martha Karua , all led by the “Indomitable Enigma” Baba Raila Amolo Odinga , you now all enjoy free expression and a democratic free space …

It is not lost on us that , meanwhile , those currently in leadership were briefcase carrying members of Youth for Kanu 92 , minion functionaries and hatchet men of the Moi Terror Machine …

Hatuta Rudi Nyuma …
Shenzi Kabisa , all of them … :mad::mad:

Umenikumbusha hiyo mbwa Koko ilikuwa inaitwa Moi. May he Rest In Shit!