DCI, EACC AND Police deny raiding Matiangi.

Who then raided Fred Matiang’is house? We all know no interior CS has survived in Kenya so they’ll either Kill Matiangi or completely finish him and say they have nothing to do with it. Looks like Ruto is trying to finish anyone who amassed billions in the past regime because such float can be used to fund opposition etc.




Is a tactical retreat.

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Matiang’i raided himself.

These fcking idiots are forgetting that Moi is long gone and Kenyan brains have evolved; we shall never be oppressed!!! Better to die standing rather on your knees. Whoever is advising Ruto needs to be sacked and for Ruto to resign. The Y2K “youth” think they can oppress us but we say NO. Matiangi was a loyal civil servant and its makes me wonder if for every new government will shall be persecuting the previous regime for being loyal to their bosses. If it’s not DCI , EACC or Police do we have a new Ngoroko or does Kenya Kwanza have a secret police force?. Fcking idiots are walking us down a path of war; either rule or tell Kenyans you cant deliver.

When Matiangi and Co. were terrorizing Ruto & Co., you never condemned it. Keep your stupid essay to yourself. Nine years to go.

Nasikia alibaba amepigiwo simu kutoka yunared statez akaambio awuache hio upus anataka kuanza.

Kenya Kwanza wamekunja mkeer.


Ruto ni Mwizi ghaseer mavi ya doggie ilikufa ukedi last year

@Electronics4u said he was there at the time of the intended arrest.

Ikiwa matiangi amewashinda sasa ni baba ndio mtaweza?

Useless government, kindiki doesn’t have the balls to execute such a move. A government full of clueless, spineless and indecisive idiots. Baba turns up there and in afew minutes kila mtu anaruka vile sio yeye.

No side is clean

Ni g4s

Kwani hamuelewi hii game… obviously matiangi ako na contacts kwa serikali. he must have been tipped amepangiwa kukujiwa so he pre-empted them and made a lot of noise ropping in Raila and company. This has helped him avoid it. shida ni will he survive this regime ama atafanyiwa ile kitu

Noma sana. Hii era itakua like no other

nabii atakalishwa chini kama Samuel Doe.

Na bado. Its just getting started.

So, gava mzima inataka kujifanya haijui ni nani alikuwa anahangaisha Matiang’i kwa live TV.

na mps kama wote wako nyuma ya nabii.