DCI cannot be trusted.


Did anyone follow through the SAS saga in Nigeria? I’m sensing almost the same dirty manuevers by the DCI. Look at this case. There definitely alot of dirt going on in the docket. These guys were not “armed to the teeth” as the lunatics claim. There is clearly no evidence of a " fierce shootout" as there are no bullet holes on the car. This was an execution. This is not good precedence.

were they gangsters? if that is not in dispute, then i don’t care

Unprofessional at best.


What are the chances that officers will happen on a random car and execute the occupants on a rural road?

My exact thoughts when I saw these pics yesterday

Vyenye @ranny amesema apo juu, kama ni confirmed gangsters then details mingi ni irrelevant

Hiyo nayo ni execution, wali kua wame enda kuiba na slippers?

ghassia, ulitaka wakuwe na bunduki kumi ndio wakuwe armed and dangerous? that one gun can kill ten people

Si uende ujoin hizo NGO za umavi huwa zinatetea hao gangsters ndio ulambe wazungu matako vizuuri ata wewe upate pesa


Are you new in kenya? The last thugs to ever engage cops in a shootout were from the wacucu and matheri, rasta era

Ingia Kwa hessy pale Facebook uone vile wamechambua some of those guys. Dandora thugs who thought they would transfer wizi mashinani after Nairobi became too hot. They didn’t know SSU apana tambua ocha ama Nairobi

Clearly, there was no shootout. Unataka kuona nini ndio ujue hata izo manguo, bunduki etc ni polisi wameeka? execution it is

SSU is Flying Squad. They changed the name that’s all. This is how they get the job done.

Most likely thugs who hire uniform from cops and their “contract” expired.

Something doesnt add up

Verdict: Guilty as charged.
Sentence: Immediate death.
Bam! Bam! Bam!

-Judge Dredd

@pamba pewa new rank aiyeh


Mehn ata kusafiri na wanaume wengine totalling 4 in a vehicle na ka tint kiasi imekua hazardous undertaking… Unaeza ‘angukiwa’