DCI Busts Another Auto Theft Ring


Following a spike in reported cases of stealing of motor vehicles from various residential and social parking yards within the Nairobi region and neighboring counties, detectives drawn from the Nairobi regional Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, Operations and DCI Kayole today mounted an intelligence-led operation that saw a prime suspect, Timothy Ndegwa, arrested at his residence in Thika Makongeni Estate.

A registration plate number KBR 957C was found in Ndegwa’s house, who upon interrogation led the officers to Kenyatta Road in Juja where his accomplice George Kimani Wangechi was also arrested with a suspected stolen white Toyota Fielder fitted with registration plate nos. KCC 458K.

On further interrogation, the suspects confessed to have earlier stolen a red Isuzu DMAX within Kayole, which they sold to a buyer in Nyeri through one of their accomplices by the name Stephen Kamau Maganjo.

The team proceeded to Narumoru where the said vehicle was recovered while being driven by Antony Wanjohi Theuri, who was also arrested and escorted to DCI offices in Nairobi.

After investigative interviewing of the suspects, a fourth accomplice, Boniface Gitemengo Gachanja, was cornered and arrested within Githurai, who led the sleuths to Limuru’s Flyover area where his partner in crime Josphat Ikua Mwangi was arrested. Mwangi was found in possession of a suspected stolen Toyota Corolla fitted with registration no. KBA 163Y. The vehicle was recovered at detained at DCI offices.

Later this evening, another of their accomplices, Alois Tabu Ojiambo, was traced to and arrested at Kariobangi.

The suspect is currently being interrogated with detectives hoping to make more recoveries in Nairobi and Nakuru counties.


Good job.

Intelligence led operations.

We know what «further interrogations» mean :blush:


I can bet it was not a polite interrogation…ni kifinywa bolingo hadi unaongea

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My car has to be European…specifically Swedish Engineering from Volvo Corp

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Volvo are safe cars. The engine is programmed to the key. Uless utolewe copy na dealer using chasis number hiyo gari huwezi hot wire. Same with German machines. Korean cars specifically KIA unangurumisha na USB drive…


Used to drive a toyota 110 a long time ago.There were three attempted thefts.Jamaa alikua ashangurumisha gari neighbour mlevi akaingia kwa compound aka park nyuma ya gari yangu aka lock gate akaingia kwa nyumba na aka black out.Kumbe all along the thief wasd hiding inside the car after switching it on.Morning caretaker ananiluiza kama i wanted to leave at 3am na nika blockiwa na neighbour mbona sikusema kabla jirani aingie kwa hao yake…Alarm bells zikaanza ku ring kwa kichwa.Kuinspect lock ya drivers door ilikua imefirwa saidi na kafunguo bila handle ilikua imekwama ndani ya starter.Removed it using a pliers.Also niki park tao hizo area za Kenya Cinema na hapo sunken parking sides za Kenya Re opposite Supreme Court side mirrors zilikua zinaibiwa almost kila wiki hadi i got tired and i put mirrors which were not concave kama side mirrors ndio wakaacha kuiba.Since i joined Team German sijawai enjoy this much peace of mind buana.


Show no mercy to them…fiiiiiinya kaaabisa

Team German sasa ni maintenance na expensive repairs zitakukula kichwa si gari kuibiwa

NiAJe Agwambo


Mkuu,ukitaka kusalimia Enigma ndio hii @Agwambo handle yake.Mimi ni mwanainchi ya kawaida tuu @Minomolokanyunja

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Mkuu, kwanini villagers wanasema wewe ni mimi? I joined the other week na notifications are choking me banae

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Mkuu, kwanini villagers wanasema wewe ni mimi? I joined the other week na notifications are choking me banae

Mkuu hata mimi sijui.Kuna elder alisema kuna venye na type kama wewe.Aje sasa na you joined the other week?

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In a stealth operation launched to bring to an end the era of city thugs dreaded for stealing from locked motor vehicles, Nairobi region detectives have rounded up five miscreants that stole Sh900,000 and another USD 15,000 from a businessman based in Nairobi’s South C area two weeks ago.

The distressed victim who reported at Akila Police Station in Lang’ata indicated that he had just parked his BMW X1 along Muhoho Road opposite Rubis Petrol Station and entered an auto parts shop when the felons struck. He had gone back to his car less than five minutes later, only to find a smashed rear window and a missing bag that contained the money.

Also missing were his KCB, DTB and Gulf African Bank ATM cards, his national ID card, smart driving license and assorted job-related documents. Later that evening, the victim received a message alert indicating that Sh 40,000 had been withdrawn from his KCB account and another 40,000 from the DTB account at an ATM in Embakasi.

Getting on the job, the Nairobi region Crime Research team initiated a forensic-led trail on the suspects. Backed up by the Operations Unit, the crime busters nabbed the 1st suspect Charles Nzomo who was captured by a nearby CCTV breaking into the motor vehicle.

The footage also captured Paul Mukungi and Vincent Juma Raguma keeping watch as Nzomo employed his childhood skills in hunting with a catapult to smash the car window. All this time, another female suspect, Jane Mueni Mutinda was busy stalking the victim, as Shaban Rashid Maingi waited in a getaway Mazda Demio fitted with registration plates KCE 822F belonging to a Subaru car.

One after another, the suspects were rounded up last night before the spy vehicle belonging to Charles Nzomo was traced to Tsavo Gardens. In it were found the victim’s KCB ATM card and car breaking tools including a catapult.

The five suspects were escorted to DCI Lang’ata offices where they are booked for the long weekend. Efforts are in place to recover a second motor vehicle and trace and arrest a sixth accomplice, Rodgers Ndung’u, who fled to Mombasa.

Detectives believe that the syndicate is linked to another four suspects who where arrested on February 16 last year after a series of car breakings using the same tools of trade still in South C, Nairobi.

Pesa ya haraka ni Tamu. Am sure they had at some point an exit plan but decided kuendelea. Kumbe fate in the future was to be arrested. At least they can look back and remember the lanyes walikula. Lesson learnt

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