DayTrading commences in Kenya

The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) Monday formally kicked off day trading of shares, which it hopes will raise market turnover by allowing investors to carry out multiple trades on stocks within a session.
Day trading allows investors to buy and sell the same company shares several times during a single day looking to make gains from small price movements, sometimes riding on events that sway share prices.
Day trading will also help the NSE increase revenue from commissions charged on transactions once activity picks up.
“Day trading is a welcome move for local investors who have previously lobbied for the activation of the intraday trading, as they seek to take advantage of intra-day price movements and increase their profit margins. We are confident of a bullish market performance going forward,” said NSE chief executive Geoffrey Odundo in an earlier statement.
Despite the rollout of the new platform, however, trading slowed down yesterday, with turnover for the day falling to Sh585.9 million from Sh849.7 million on Friday. Investors moved 18.6 million shares compared to 28.6 million in the previous session.
Experts say same-day trading and settlement will deepen liquidity on the bourse, which has fallen in recent years as the market went through a lean patch.
They also say though that it will likely cause an increase in speculative trading of shares especially when companies make material announcements, which cause the removal of daily price movement limits.
This form of trading, however, carries a significant amount of risk, and in sophisticated markets, it is carried out mainly by experienced traders who have a deep understanding of the market and stocks.
In a bid to encourage uptake, the NSE is offering day traders a five percent discount on the commission due to it per trade on the second leg of a transaction — meaning it will be levied at 0.114 percent compared to normal trades which are levied at 0.12 percent.- Businessdaily

Trading on stocks that move by cents will need one to have a portfolio with a couple of millz to make any meaningful gains.

a platform like fxpesa offers 1:400 leverage…20k gets you 8M to gamble with

Safi kabisa. What platform are you using? Swing trading huwa tamu sana kama uko na chapaa ya ku risk

Time to monitor NSE stock. Wakiweka online access na Mpesa connectivity wataunda crazy profits over time. Taking money from peasants will be like taking candy from @Jimit . NSE shareholders will smile all the way to the bank as peasants play the the lottery called day trading.

My broker has not activated the option, it will take time to reach us

They are very many listed on CMA website. I’ll start small with fxpesa . Has an Mpesa option

Trading huwa na strategy ama ni gambling tu

Hio leverage ya 1:400 I thin Ni ya forex , sidhani Kuna leverage Kama hio kwa stocks za Kenya.

I think for them to attract some serious form of liquidity they need to introduce short selling , reduce the high commissions and introduce some form of margin.

First trading like all investments is a gamble.
Strategy ni long term and the gamble is less riskier.
Gamble ni short term and very risky…kama hile bet ya juzi ya sababisha elder mwengine hapa alituharibia 10bob nayo. A gamble ni kama tuseme company is doing badly but out of fununu uskie wakona a positive impending announcement…halafu watangaze profit warning mwenda ubaki unachekea chooni…you get you dont invest in crippled companies…but last minute una gamble on a positive announcement.
Now…this is my opinion…but its based on experience.

Not a fan of Day trading but I would love to buy some dividend stock.

Passive income is the goal.

Day trading is a gamble for 99.99% of the people. It is trading noise basically. Brokers love day traders juu turnover huwa high so they make more in commissions/fees. The objective of the broker is to make bonobos trade as large as possible and as often as possible. That’s why they encourage trading noise a.k.a day-trading.

Spreads nazo,