Days of future past

The below scenario has a high probability of playing out. It does not matter whether Looter or Rat is president. Both present the bad sides of the coin. This is a lose lose proposition and it seems inevitable. Its been a long time coming but Kenya has found itself in a fixed rut much like greater Africa.

  1. IMF fallout
    The IMF will withdraw loans due to non conformance. There will be swift attacks by looters/Rat’s propaganda machine. There will be a massive flight of capital and FDIs. Expect runaway inflation of the early 90s.

  2. Goldenberg 2.0

Looter and Rat’s script is based on nyayo error. That’s all they know. Konyagi will seem like emperor Hadrian the builder. This time the looting will be in TRILLIONS. The country will be gutted. KRA will be raided and tax coffers robbed. I expect the private banks, fintechs to remain robust and weather the storm. It will be a thug economy. Good thing is the infrastructure will still be intact, its not like they are going to dig out potholes and blow out bridges.

  1. Lack of investor confidence

The return of grabbing private and public enterprise will make an unwelcome visit. There will be under investment in real estate and new businesses hampering job creation.

So is it all doom and gloom? By all means NO! This is an excellent opportunity for the adaptable. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing the poor continuing eating dust after being given hope year in year out. It’s a testament to the unbreakable human spirit, that indefatigable hope and faith that someone loves them and cares for them even though they barely survive. Be it God or tribesman, whatever hope you place on continue striving.


Tutanyonyesha kitakachozaliwa

Ghasiaa …leo umejaribu …pewa like.

[SIZE=7]great insight ![/SIZE]

most likely ruto will win , so nashangaa , will tanga tanga govt resist taking loans and chinese kick backs from the colonialists and the new asian colonialists .- hizo bribes si pesa kidogo …,

ruto anakimbilia kiti when kenya is a sinking ship with an angry young population demanding for jobs and etc… ruto atawesa kweli ?

…uhuru got a healthy country pale 2013… ruto atapata mzoga of a country pale 2022… katambe

It’s the same 3 guys who messed us up and it’s the same guys we’re looking for redemption. Life is not without a sense of irony