Day one in this business and i lost all sleep

Opened the doors of my new business today (sato)

No customer walked in.

And I was open from 6 … Till 6:20pm woi!

Nina anxiety can’t sleep hataaaaaa

Ni biashara ya nini? Are you selling goods or services?
Otherwise tomba mbuzi ulale
Bloody fuakin

That’s the lifecycle of any business.

Birth, struggling, growth, competition, profits, expansion, stagnation, then maybe downfall

@kanguthu please wacha hasira. Please calm down. What you need to do is to head in to your master bedroom in Kenol Murang’a county , and wake your husband up that is James Itina @Wanaruona and bend over like this below, in a bottoms up fashion as if you are looking for a shilling on the floor. I am sure that your beloved husband Wanaruona James Itina will know what to do next. He will help you find the lost shilling.



Joo uninyonye mboo maraya hii.

:D:D:D maraya hii you ain’t helping at all

There is a 99.99% chance that your shop is not on the front row facing the street - that’s why.

Many years back I learned a very harsh lesson (luckily I was broke so I did not lose a lot of money in that failed business).

Repeat after me, for all brick and mortar businesses, the location MUST be on the front row facing the street (with the exception of bars, schools and offices). Kama sio hivyo usianze biashara. This applies to most businesses in the retail sector.

Are there people with odd locations making a kill? Yes. Those are outliers and probably veterans in that business. Don’t dare to imitate them. Kama duka yako sio ya mbele kama ya mhindi wachana na biashara nanii until you find a front location. You would rather pay a premium for a front location than accept a location that isn’t facing the street. Kama customer hawezi ona vitu zako akiwa kwa barabara you are fuakd - literally.

What if biashara ni ya kutomba dromedaries?

@kanguthu hajui dromedaries ni nini.

Anafikiri ni ile mkundu ya bwanake James @Wanaruona . So he is in fact thinking of replying, “Yes kutomba dromedaries ya @Wanaruona , hio sio kazi mbaya.”

This is why it’s better to have both a physical and digital presence for your business.
Having a digital store these days isn’t just smart ,it’s necessary.

Very soon business people will have to treat physical stores as mini warehouses for their online business.
E commerce is not he future ,it’s now.

Most likely nguo ,perfume ama electronics.

Even this won’t matter as much ,kwanza with the meta verse on the way ,naona physical stores will probably just be warehouses that occasionally get customers but the main way of selling will be online.

Wacha bwana. Hii theory sasa imetoka wapi?

The amount of upus and assumptions in this response make Junet and Sudi sound like Nobel laureates

Nimalisie hio ghaseer pris. The bugger appears to never have ran a business in his life.

Venye watu walikuwa hapa wakisema Zoomalis are the best business men:D:D

We are not in year 1996 dadii when you tried a radio cassette shop

:DNguvu ya trying to bring a fellow man down huwa mnatoa wapi? Baadala ya kupeana encouragement nyinyi mnamtusi. Ombea ndugu yako afaulu.

Leo niko kanisa siendi soko mchinga kunyandua mamako. Leo kuma yake ita pumzika.