Day and Night, Raila and Ruto

Two leaders arrived at Mombasa a few days ago. Raila Odinga met his rich and purportedly powerful friends at Joho’s residence, where a famous mother of corruption was cleansed of her sins at a small fee of Ksh. 5.7 million. [ATTACH=full]375357[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]375356[/ATTACH]Raila again met his rich and purportedly powerful big bellied friends from Central Kenya at the English Point Marina.
[ATTACH=full]375358[/ATTACH]William Ruto used his time meeting and empowering ordinary Kilifi residents.[ATTACH=full]375359[/ATTACH]
He didn’t go to exclusive beach hotels[ATTACH=full]375360[/ATTACH]
He shared the little he had with ordinary muslim believers, unlike Baba who went to dine with the high and mighty at Vipingo.

Ruto knows the high and mighty to middle class dont vote hao ni online wars kule twitter. Ule mama mboga na bodaboda man ndio hupiga kura which will solidify his intent to the high chair. They are all politicians though…

Sigh… wouldn’t it be nice if Kenya existed in a perpetual campaigning cycle.

Kula kwa Raira Kura Kwa hustler

Raila believed this in the past… And realized… Even though it’s the people who vote…

It’s the big cats and pigs in boardrooms who decide on whom gets the seat…

This my friend… Is called wisdom…

Wisdom can be a funny thing…

(remember Solomon had many females… Couldn’t possibly fuck alll of them… Yet he was considered wise…)

Big cats na pigs kwa boardroom zimeamua next year ni nani?

Wameamua ni @river road na @Kunguru

I wish we ordain a king in Kenya and forget about this perpetual election nonsense and focus on building the economy.
We are too far behind the world to engage in senseless politics and hate campaigns every 5yrs. We barely afford it. wish we could get rid of that and strive for growth excellence and betterment for the future generations. Mambo ya siasa ikue banned kabisaa

War is a good reset… Like a proper war… Like huko Rwanda…