Day Almost Killed A Thief

My decision to narrate my experience is more or less inspired by Field Marshal CouchP hekaya on the link below; as to my moment of madness when I almost took a life . Sometime in 2011 I was partying on one of the Saturdays in December as was the norm back then. I was a regular at Hornbill pale Umoja being that I partly grew up in this hood. Nikiwa pale had a habit of importing club damsels to my crib during the successful drinking and hunting escapades. So this Saturday I spot and target this average looking gal with a nice looking rump. Ask her to join us on our table where we were with some friends. After some chitchat convinced her we head out to my place where we would continue with our drink up. We took a cab and within few minutes we were in Tena Estate where Adam my taxi guy had to interrupt the make out session at the back of the car . Poured the lady some vodka after which we proceeded on to do whatever every right thinking male would do when with a female in the same space. She was a good rough fuck; that nite after the hunt I had bagged myself an enviable mate.

After shots less than 7 as per the village’s threshold, I dozed off for less than an hour to regain my strength after which I planned to see the lady off before daybreak being that there is a mama who was a very good friend to my galfriend and being that sikuwa nataka nyef nyef. Being that I was still hammered, I lazily got out of bed and retrieved my house keys from inside the cistern tank where I used to hide em when I had imported a stranger. Ask the damsel to dress up so that we can leave as I had to go to church, so I told her. When I went to the sitting room area, checked where I had placed my phone and noticed that it was not there. Checked the cash that I had placed there and noticed that I was short; at least 4K had been plucked out from the bundle. At that moment realized that my good fuck was also my tormentor for the nite. I asked her to produce the phone and cash for which she denied having taken the same. Sasa mrembo raises her voice as if to wake up the neighbours na kuwa jeuri zile za, “unanitomba kisha wasema nimekuibia”. I have no patience with people who disrespect me or try to take me for a fool; I saw red, grabbed her by the neck and proceeded to strangle her. I just tightened the hold on her while squeezing the life out of her. At that time I could think of nothing more than to squeeze the life and disrespect out of this thief whom I had entertained invited to my place and fucked (read pleased her, or so I believe).

She could barely speak as she begged me to forgive her; pleading with me not to kill her but all in all squeezed her neck even more. Scary thing is that it felt good, I felt so damn powerful , more like a god. Good thing is that sense prevailed and I let go of her by which time she had passed out. Rummaged through her stuff and found my phone plus cash stashed away in the inner lining of her trench coat. I was scared that I had killed her but was relieved when I saw some breathe movement around her chest cavity area. She regained her consciousness and the damsel was terrified to a point where she only begged me to let her go ;and should not to kill her. I felt sorry for her seeing the scare in her eyes. Called Adam who came picked the damsel and dropped her off apparently at BuruBuru area. I was glad that the lady never reported the happenings as had the notion that she might claim that I had raped and strangled her in the process ; you know how things get spinned to put you in a fix. That day I realized that if the demons inside are not contained, one is capable of doing something that you never thought possible, in a flash of madness.


:D:D I hear this line ever so often in documentaries about serial killers


He he. Nice hekaya and ncie touch with the cistern tank. I thought I was the only one who did that.


It’s not a secret now going forward.

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lets see, in the event that you ended up killing her, how would you have disposed off the body?:cool:


Sasa mnapatia mafisiress hapa siri.

Waah Hekaya noma hii…picha wachana nayo tu

Hapo noma buda. Huyo alifikiri ataenda na simu yako scot-free? Man, hawa watu inafaa unawamangia kwa lojo na wanaachwa huko.

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I would have probably taken her body to the bathroom, cut her body into package-able size, driven off to Ruai and disposed off the remains in different locations


how the hell can someone feel like a god if their forte is killing??? how can you feel like a god if you cant create??? chit

Where do you get the tools? Power saw or big ass cleaver.

Consider this also. Walking out of a supermarket with plastic bags, a cleaver, ropes, gloves and bleach will be a mega red flag.

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[FONT=Courier New]a sketch goes well with hekaya of this stature:)[/FONT]

Next time be carefull, you might be the next victim of mchele and everything you own disappears in a flash. (forgive me for advicing you, just being a good parent) Nice hekaya I must say.
Are you brother to @mabenda4


The cistern is old now. THAT’S WHERE THEY LOOK FIRST. You dont deceive the shiny eyes when you overstay in the loo, and they can hear the telltale noise of you moving the kifuniko.

Best place to hide the keys is the kitchen. Too many things to search…


@spax come steal everything I own - including my mbirrions of sperms…

being that i am a lover of good hekayas i endorse… @admin huyu naweza suggest apitishwe rank…

Now this, this is a Hekaya. Nice read.

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Birrionaires hapana tambua cistern tank ya meffi. :eek:

Keys, cash, mtoo, jewelry kwa key padded safe before escapade. :Do_O

Good stuff…

And did you pay her dues after that ama alienda akikauka