Day 2 World Cup

HD links zije. Hio ya NTV huwezi just player unless you zoom in

Kwa ile thread ya Portugal vs spain kuna links ziliwekwa hapo.


Niliamua kulipa Startimes 240 bob for one month (mobile app)


If u ain’t got a cable/ satellite subscription, why not just download the Startimes App and you pay kitu 150 Bob na utapata all 64 games. Much more reliable and convenient compared to the bootleg links…

You can try using ITV and BBC using VPN. They are free to air in UK

Professor Bamba alitwambia we should not pay for TV

If u know… U know

Watu wa fta apan tambua links

Niaje ng’ombe ya kiembeni

Hii VAR inaharibu flow ya ball

True tempo inarudi down

Niko na VPN lakini BBC iPlayer acting up!