Dawa za nguvu za kiume.

Habari wana KT.
Hivi dawa za nguvu za kiume ni zipi?
za asili?

Inaitwa mikuyati yaani ‘aphrodisiacs’ kwa lugha ya kiingereza.
Wasia wangu kwako ni kabla haujakimbilia matumizi ya dawa za kizungu, zingatia lishe bora.

I told you yesterday Mark Zack Obaga is a LUO some were saying ooh. You can see he has turned the fish he was eating from an opaque material to a translucent material. But from this picture we can clearly see that he is a Luo mwitu. Luo mwitu in the sense that when he left Kendu Bay to Amerka bere mene years ago, bleached and changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg, his luo software’s 30-day free trial period expired and he needed to update it to the new LUO.exe version because he was running on an obsolete program. It seems the moment he landed in Kenya and approached Mama Oliech restaurant, his Wi-Fi settings were turned on, new devices were found and connected, then his software started updating itself automatically. The aftermath of the interaction between Mark Sack…sorry, Zack Obaga… and this fish clearly shows that the software download process stopped at 99%.

Allow me explain: First, a Luo running on an updated version of the software, yaani someone who is optimally Lavishing Under Opulence will not leave the fish at the transluscent stage. He will leave the fish at the transparent stage-meaning that he must make all visible flesh to be an alumni of the fish skeleton. Fish is your relative, you should treat it with decorum and decadence. It gives you Omega 3, dont leave it rugged and in tatters, instead leave it clean and well manicured. Clean all the bones, all the cartillages and tissues. If someone can still reconstruct a full fish from remnants of your plate then it means you have not given fish the respectable send off it deserves. Even the head, medulla oblongata, eyes, olfactory organ etc etc are all palatable. Fish should be rounded off to the nearest nothing.

Secondly you dont put ugali on the left of fish and i need us to really emphasise on this point. Assuming one is right handed and the right hand is the one used to pertake ugali with all due respect, ugali is not qualified to fly above partially cremated Oreochromis niloticus on its way to the mouth. Fish is CEO and ugali is the Managing Director, sambamba?

Third, you hold fish with both hands because fish is like Kim Jong-un, if one of the hands doesn’t participate it will be executed.

Finally, dont dare think that Mark’s jumper and tshirt costs sh100 bei ya kuongea. Mark Obaga might be Luo mwitu but he cannot compromise on quality nomatter how simple he appears by the sheer fact that there are traces of Luo in him. That simple tisat is PURE cotton with an inner lining that has fur made from the hide of an orang otang and it is worth 100 dollars, an equivalent of 10,000 sillings cas money, bei ya kunyamasa heleee.

Based on the above, through the powers conferred in me by the luo council of elders, on the scale of 1 to 10 i give him 11. It would have been 7 but i have added the extra 4 to bribe him so that he can delete all those mongrels who ask people to type amen in 5 seconds if you have a kidney scroll if you have a liver and also those business opportunity and like nikuadd commenters…

Jaduong’ Inshaid.


Dawa ni za wagonjwa, wewe ni mgojwa ???

@Gay Lord XII pole kaka kwa Yale unapitia.Masaibu yako yaonekana kama suluhu kwa @Freelancer Wakala .

VE peleka mambo ya fb mbali na ktalk

Huyu ni gay lord.

ChiefKiumbwa tulia

Ulefu tena.Nguvu benewe.

:smiley: uuwi huku ni zile ndogo ndogo