This guy was brought by Ruto from USA. Alikuwa amekatalia huko.
He is currently his main confidant and strategizer or so to say. I am sure akina @spear may not be very amused by this move having done a lot of ground work for Ruto

Kimani Ngunjiri was once a hasola pale Kimilili

“Main confidant and stategizer” only in your world and universe. Ata kama ni guesswork try something at least believable. None of the public knows chief hustler inner circle and they are not politicians.

We only know of farouk.

Farouk is only a gatekeeper. One of DP trusted PA comes from a billionaire farming family. You wonder why would he work as a PA? Their family makes 100’s of millions per harvest. Then the monthly harvest periodically through the year on different crops. The family didnt like Chief Hustler when he joined politics but now one of the sons is his PA. Reason. DP wanted someone who is not blown away by money. Someone with experience in investing, managing money and he picked him. A rival to boot. Shows how serious he is in decision making. It has worked and they all remain unknown to the public. There are many inner circles but one that coordinates everything. This one has people tried, tested and confirmed for decades since DP Uncle Ruto started politics. Very smart, loyal and reclusive folks. Some work officially for him and others have their own businesses to concentrate on. This is one of the reason some busy bodies in Kenyatta family are afraid of DP Uncle Ruto Presidency. He is his own man, with his own structure, people and doesn’t compromise. The silent, hard workers stay away from public completely. He also goes far and wide to seek out professionals for advise. Right now during this period they are all busy. The results will be seen soon.

RKM ama…

Ukiona @spear anaandika composition in response to a small issue touching Arap Mashamba, jua imemguza mahali. Who remembers those long essays he used to write about the dynamic duo?

Hello idiot, I see I still live rent free in your mind. Actually what you have alleged is more relevant to you than me. Wewe ndio umeumwa to get out from the shadows where you lurk. Also one paragraph is not composition. Confirming again you are not smart.

Whatever … Even if a Ruto Presidency ever occurs, he’ll still shaft us more than all the other previous presidents combined .
Hata mimi I’m a reclusive peasant. Never voted ,never will ! Especially after the whole PEV bullchieth kuna watu wengi sana wetu wali umia kule ‘ruguru’ …
Blogger please stop peddling this shit ,it’s plain counter-productive .except to that billionaire class you want to join.

Matusi nimezoa @spear , and apparently that is the only thing you can do. I may be an idiot but you seem to really catch when I speak about your master Arap Mashamba, ni kama huwa na sema ukweli.

Ghaseer @spear gives enough justification.

I know you believe him. Wewe na yeye=whatssap group moja.

I rather believe him than you paid biased moderators wenye mmepin threads zina bad-mouth Ruto.

Hawa wajinga are constantly in coping mechanism as a result of constant support for failed political quests. Machungu 24/7.

Hakuna MTU anajua vizuri DP Uncle Ruto here including me. My sources are people I know by Gods choice. I either grew up with them or was in the same schools with them. We are close and I have seen their growth in and out of DP Uncle Ruto court. One time they are rivals and the other times they are close. Its has been a journey and you need that to be in. I will not mention them, their obscurity helps them function effectively. One example mentioned here is Farouk. He is a muscle man to keep all the numerous circles in check around Chief Hustler. The only person to have slapped DP Uncle Ruto now works as his fixer. There many others who think they are close to him but look at Emmanuel Tallam. Known Chief Hustler for 20 years but took him 10 years to get in. You will be surprised that only 1 or 2 of this Hustler leaders are even close. Chief Hustler needs an appointment to meet some of his most trusted advisors because they are busy running other institutions. Some of his closest people are very far from him, they may talk a handful of times a year but when a major decision needs independent thought then he seeks them out.

Enyewe leo uko too much. Si mwenye amekukasirisha aseme pole?