David Ndii predictions, how accurate are they.


Ati yule soja ataruka kutoka nyuma ya Gathecha akuje nyuma ya Ruto as Ruto raises the golden panga of power in the air…

Ndoto hio.

Hio panga sioni akipewa. Hio panga unadhani ni jokes?

You are carrying 50 million bonobos in your hands when you hoist that panga in your hands Mr. Ruto … not 50 million bags of maize Mr. Ruto!!

In this world possibilities are endless

Mimi naona ni mambo na Viu Sasa.

As I said time and time again, whether kina wakanyugi wanaimba Unko lootal or whatever they’ll be singing , they will lose it in the morning. Wembe ni ule ule. Uliomnyoa tinga utamnyoa mashamba. Power is given out in boardrooms not in the ballot

How this viusasa performing in Kenya. Can it be compared to netflix et al

Viusasa Ni wapi

Lakini hio sword huwa symbol ya British colonialism juu ilitoka kwa governor of the protectorate

Your point being?

We make our sword or look for one from the Ethiopian dynasty.

His economic prognosticication is on point. Hii ingine ni kama mimi na wewe tu only slightly better because he’s friends with the big men.

Maisha haitabadirika

We can relate to a spear more than a Sword. A spear that was once used by a tribal chief will just do fine.

tunapea hustler

You cannot talk about winning elections while you have never been on the winning side. Most of these political analysts are ego-obsessed academics who have no practical political skills.

You don’t need to be a genius to see that WSR is winning every move. I have never seen rebellion in the Uhuru backyard like I am seeing now. Those who think Uhuru will wave a magic wand and get back the support they will be very surprised.