David Ndii now says Kibaki was bure kabisa for economy, that the poor got poorer


Useless rabid mongrel for hire!

Amesema that the only economic model that works is “bottom up”, not kibaki’s “trickle down economics”.

we are not saying Obako was perfect but he was a breath of fresh air that the country needed.

Kibaki started the trend of eating smartly from grand projects. SGR was basically a goldenberg type of project but with a tangible product. At least $2B went to various pockets like Rao, Looter, watermelon, konyagi… Basically all the political class ate something.

Ndiiii ni meffi low self esteemed idiot.

ubako was ,is and will always be meffi in my eyes


Chunga hio mdomo yako itakuja kupigisha videvu haziishi.

Cognitive dissonance ya activists huwa ngumu kuelewa… mtu anasema this is the solution leo kesho anasema something else based on who paid him :D:D

Upuss!!! kibaki tried to grow Kenya’s economy,in a sustainable manner ,hii ghaseer ya kiambu is a disaster.