David Ndii-Nairobi Expressway?


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Na ya Tokyo?

How does this add value?? Does he perhaps provide an alternative??

This asshole has taken over from nyakundi … the level of negativity is unmatched…and he knows very well most of you won’t bother to do your homework … He just picked the portion that would advance his narrative.

This is the real reason they are demolishing a section of the expressway.
TORONTO – Two ramps that allow drivers access to Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway will be torn down this week, leading to numerous months-long weekend closures along Lake Shore Boulevard East.

As of Aug. 31, starting at 9 p.m., the on-and-off ramps to Logan Avenue will be permanently shut down as a part of the city’s Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation Plan. Once the ramps are removed, the Lake Shore Bridge over the Don River is expected to be widened and lengthened.

“Once the Lake Shore Bridge is re-engineered, the new space will accommodate bike lanes, pedestrian paths and a new linear park, and allow for the re-design and naturalization of the Don River, which will be a critical element for future flood protection,”