David Ndii bashers what do you have to say now!!!


I am seated… but I can see them coming.

Wanatafuta petrol station iko na mafuta lakini watafika tu

I read somewhere today Ugandans are no longer keen with the SGR thing and will only renovate and upgrade their meter gauge railway.
Consequently the dream of the SGR serving Uganda, South Sudan and Rwanda remains that. A dream.
And Kenya will be left holding an expensive worthless white elephant.

hehehe. if they relied on word of mouth hakuna bahati.

SGR, ikifika Kisumu city or wherever, UG will be the greatest beneficiary. In that, they will be picking there cargo in kisumu.
All they need are good roads for quick delivery.

Something is missing in that exchange. I would try to find out more before jumping to conclusions.

This is quite normal. They want a full route assessment instead of a single feasibility of phase 2b to Kisumu. So Mombasa to Kisumu.

My issue is have they left out Malaba or the Gava will build all the way to Malaba with the 3.8billion which 1.8 Billion of it will be a grant.

Lake Transport is ferked. Port Bell in Uganda is in worse shape than Kisumu port.

The best thing is Kisumu is going to change lots of new jobs will be created in virtually all sectors.

Too bad we are all in it man and not ‘they’.

I read somewhere that the SGR plans in UG are still on track, they will be signing the final financing agreement, which was delayed for 2 years, some time this month.

Na hio barabara line 6 ifike Nakuru pia. I guess that is very viable economically and commercially.
Pia it will save lots of life.

sikuwa kwa agreement. niko tu kwa liability.

don’t bother pointing out,ktalk is full of jump first look later crowd who are not constrained by small things such as facts,which is ironic because they are accusing the government of doing exactly that. All that we know is something happened and the deal was not signed. The feasibility study mumbo jumbo is just a void filler probably to deflect attention from sensitive negotiations.
Anything else is pure speculation.
Now let me step off and allow the ktalk lamentation choir to sing their heads off.

They all pay a foot and an arm for their cargo !

nimeona pale kwa alai shinaman amekataa kufund the nakuru kisumu part due to feasibility [ATTACH=full]191769[/ATTACH]

This is just reaching. Yes, the country is not in the best condition financially but rinsing a dry cloth to even get a molecule of water to irrigate your wild theories is just futile. The same was said about thika road, the same was said about SGR mombasa to nairobi. The same people who said this things were some of the first people to use them and say that the government building the SGR and roads was not a favor, it is their responsibility.

Hakuna kitu ya maana una sema

Here comes the fake news.

Si shida yangu kama uko na akili ndogo.