This illegimate government has now resorted to arresting Prof. David Ndii while he was in Diani with his family on holiday and have since fllown him to CID HQ for interogation. Are we now back to the era of political prisoners ? Surely why when they are on holiday infront of their kids and his wife. Even if he incited why not arrest him the minute he made the inflammatory statement. Surely, I grew up in Moi era and thought we’d never see such totalitarian governments. Am very disappointed in Uhuru , Ruto its expected but Uhuru I thought knew better. So what is now next Nyayo torture chambers ?

Moi is in control, y’all aint seen nuthin

Was Uhuru the arresting officer?

Hio ni warm up tuuu…

You can not see we are slipping back to the era of political prisoners? Anyway, my kids will not live in Kenya so whatever deterioration happens wont affect my posterity let the country go to the dogs, we have options!

I think its high time you start complaining to the right people.
Tell the ‘people’s president’ to order the IG to release Ndii.

Babuon wud even be worse than moi let me tell you

the man talks about secession every other day and in a normal democracy anafaa atupwe ndani kabusa like that Spanish dude. I especially like the fact that they got the fucker while he was on holiday. I hope wangemtoa kwa swimmimg pool wa parade yeye na speedo through the streets of Mombasa and Nairobi and then dump him in a freezing cell afterwards for a few days. Thats for all the young men and women who died for a stupid political cause engineered by him and his friends. How many Nasa supporters can afford to even go on holiday at Diani?

Warant Officer @GeorginaMakena am with u on this, Resist mpaka mwisho and kula tuskerSida kwa bill yangu, but we dont run away from problems we will resist

By the way they should lock up the guy up for at least a week. Jubilee or no jubilee I would support the move. And when this entitled, haughty, middle class , loud mouth comes out he’ll think twice about another insurrection on Jamhuri day. When the Luo boys are eating teargas he is usually holed up somewhere getting a massage at the Windsor. Anafaa afungiwe cell imejaa meffi na utupiwe tear gas canister kama nne hivi to keep him company.
Oh, he’ll think twice the next time he wants to kill other women’s children.

A Spanish judge has denied bail to four Catalonia secessionist leaders. What makes Kenyans think they have absolute rights to threaten the Kenyan state as they wish?
The CIA routinely assassinates American citizens who threatens their nationhood.
Uhuru should clamp down even harder on those who think the constitution is just another piece of paper.

midget stay calm ,tumbo ipone

1)“Even if he incited why not arrest him the minute he made the inflammatory statement”
2)Are we now back to the era of political prisoners ?
3)Ruto its expected
4)but Uhuru I thought knew better,
we voted in new constitution and which i never voted it myself i did not like it and therefore its important you read it before making such comments which i consider upuuuuuus

bud mi siyo mdget, 6ft 4inch bro, siyo tumbo, ni area kando karibu na mbavu, on that NOTE Chieth on’ger

So the man should not go on holiday? Why are you so jeolous? Who stopped you from going on holiday? Work hard then go on holiday overseas wachana na Kenya wea every other Kenyan goes, enda Monaco or Barbados. I never realised how petty some people are wah! Anyway I know most of you came and found freedom of speech so hamujui what life was like in Moi era. Its a slippery slope. During Kibaki era people spoke worse things and nobody was arrested. Where in the constitution does it say that championing secession is a crime? The man has a right to free speech. This is alot of nonsense and it shows the caliber of the so called leaders we are having. Instead of impinging on civil rights. And btw as the custodians of the constitution become more lawless so do the citizens. Its been noted that Kenyans are increasingly becoming lawless. Anyway, nyinyi shangilieni. Next term ni Ruto and dare a Kikuyu say ngwe ndio mutajua freedom of speech ni muhimu. Kenyans frankly deserve the type of leaders they have. When you look at the reasoning you wonder if some even stepped in a school. Very emotive and baseless ideologies. What is wrong with secession ama taxes za kuiba zitapungua. The first blunder we ever made was letting these two go to statehouse now we will never see the end of it ,kwanza Ruto atatoa term limit akae hadi akuwe Mugabe. The future is bleak better have Plan B,C,D and F coz as a country we are on our way back to Moi era shenanigans or worse!!

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

niaje mwizi ya simiti

naskia ni yeye alikunywa mafuta ya transformer huko kamulu

Excuse me were you with me in the polling booth to know what I voted? Please talk what you know, my family and I voted NO on the basis of the fact that some clauses allow abortion,animism and as Christians we could not have that. I did not vote in the said constitution and you knw the church was very much against it.

Tukifika 2022 and Ruto enters the stage, I will run like a kalenjin , if I outlive him nitarudi akifariki.

He incites on a daily basis. Probably he was been given time to reform.