David Murathe Popularizing BBI completely DRUNK.


Very unprofessional. Perhaps the whole idea was muted by drunk friends. I also fault KTN for lack of professionalism. They should not have aired this interview.



Are you a former FSK?

No. I was in NBO throughout

its mooted not muted.

it was on CITIZEN not KTN .

we can conclude you are the drunk party or just plain stupid .

sidhani alikunywa pesa ya mama yako . enda uambie Itumbi akupee pesa ukunywe changaaa bila kusumbua mzito Murathe

:D:D murkomen bado hajasota, zile pesa alilipwa kuuzia ncpb mahindi hazijaisha otherwise angekubali hio invitation.

@administrator your site is being overrun by UDA bloggers…new handles every day to post same shit. Sisi tunatambua tu @langatkipro @sani and @spear.
The likes of @jaduong , @mlipuayote and @Mbakaya are imposters…ask them not to spam us with nonsense. Or just go ahead and create a section and name it BBI/2022 so that some of us can avoid it completely. We are tired of these repetitions

Wacha ucoomer

This https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/final-words.180203/#post-3127859 was my final post on Ruto. ile imebaki wakenya watajiamulia wenyewe.

But 2020 is nearly 2yrs away. Or you have given up after kuchapwa na BBI?

He definately owns one of the new handles

Why did you leave out John Pombe? We are on election mode and all Kenyan forums will be lit with political opinions from now till the great heist in 2022. A BBI thread is pinned and John Pombe is camped there posting furiously…hope he surely gets paid handsomely.

:D:D i noticed him last week

Wuuui where you been? He is here for UhuruRao fom dawn till dusk.:D:D

Also features on anything to do with the Matriarch

‘Me I tell U’ insert Jamaican accent here for maximum effect.:smiley: