David Murathe Peter Kenneth Exposed

These guys are the real thieves of Covid19 funds as per Tony Gachoka

Kenya Television Network (KTN) television show host Tony Gachoka has now revealed the individuals behind the Covid-19 funds theft.

In a message through his twitter account, Gachoka, who used to host a political talk-show, Point Blank, at KTN pointed out that the real master minds behind the Covid-19 scandal are former Gatanga Member of Parliament Peter Kenneth and Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe.

Gachoka told David Murathe to prepare for jail as he knows what role he played in stealing money meant to help the government in the war against the novel coronavirus pandemic which has so far caused deaths of many citizens.

‘‘Covid-19 millionaires are my Mt. Kenya fellas namely David Murathe and Peter Kenneth,’’ said Tony Gachoka.

According to Gachoka, he has decided to expose people from his region not that he likes to but because he wants to eradicate corruption from the country.

‘‘Am sacrificing our own to defeat corruption. It gives me no pleasure, where are u am willing to say heavy things … try me,’’ said Tony Gachoka.

His sentiments comes just hours after Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party leader Raila Odinga told off those claiming that Covid-19 funds have been stolen.

In his statement through his social media platforms, the former Prime Minister said that no individual should spread such fake news, since they don’t have credible sources.

The African Union Representative asked the Auditor General to do a speedy audit so that Kenyans will know the truth about the said misuse of money meant to fight Covid-19.

This issue has divided leaders in various groups with some claiming that money has been stolen while other maintain no money has been stolen.


Iko shida , with all our investigative agencies bado answers zinaweza tokea tu thro twitter?

akunywe changaa ya inheritance polepole ,

mbona EX president wako na permanent title ya president like PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH, MWAI KIBAKI but RAIRA haitwi PRIME MINISTER RAIRA , lazima waweke FORMER ?

No honour among thieves

Yes they are part of it but trying to get them as sacrificial lambs is just plain idiotic. Suspect one is muhoho and two is RAT using a few people to cash in. This will be interesting… Let’s see how it plays out.