Dave Chappelle's rotten tomatoes score.

This guy has irritated the alphabet people so much to the point rotten tomatoes gave him zero. I am sure its the Ts who cried the most:D:D:D:D.



Wakwende… he is our guy

These are the guys who are killing comedy.

Hii bado hunimalisa. Black man broke into a house and hung photos of his family :D:D:D


Truth be told, his latest special is not as funny as the last three. By Chappelle’s standards, it’s a 7 out of 10, definitely not a zero.

Dave has killed it in his delivery and creativity. The lefties have just felt caught feelings for being exposed and mind you Dave picks on everyone , he doesn’t take sides.
Read an article by some lady so called comedian and she wrote alot of nothing, scrolled down reading a very long essay that didn’t deliver a single point , it’s like someone looking for recognition using another person’s name.

Honestly, this special is more of a ted talk than a comedy special… This year the only guy who has delivered is eddie griffin with undiniable na katt william ako apo nyuma yake.

It cracked me up because it gnaws at this PC nonsense that has gripped the world. Ati body shaming, LGBTQ, and other words people are coming up with on a daily basis.

But there is no way it has zero ratings.

And they are doing what he predicted.

ayam a chinese in an african body… Niliisha

I dont usually watch comedy lakini vile niliona watu wakicatch niliamua nilipie netflix nione kelele ni ya nini and it was worth it

Vile alisema hii transsexuals wali catch sana.

Thats Chappelle , he’s not your average “mickey mouse jokes” comedian. GOAT. The latest special was definitely not a disappointment.

Hehehe… Bro, the Chappelle i know makes me lol but on this one i felt like i was watching a lecture with spaced out chuckles in btwn. We is not saying it was bad but definitely not his best work.

What these young folks don’t know is Dave’s history, his exit from HBO and break from comedy for almost a decade or more…Dave is just Dave and you cannot, for the love of God co troll the man or what he says…He is independent and says what he wants despite your feelings …hawa reviewers ni watu wa feelings

According to hollywood elites a comedian should never joke about faggots.

That’s the most “sacred” of topics…shenjii wao

that part had me in stitches :D:D

Dave is Dave and tutaendelea kuwatch. watu confused wamafeelings waende watafute greys anatomy wawatch.

Fans wameshinda.