Dating below your class


There is this chick who I like who is below my social standing but having read alot here about relationships and the mating game, I’m hesitant as fuck but I like her more every week.

Shud I go ahead or abort mission.


Shes a figure 6. Phat ass, short and medium size breasts. Shes an 8/10

Men date below their class. That relationship would work perfectly. Go for it.

Qn is, how low below. Im upper middle shes low income.

Mwanamke ni tabia, sio class.


Wacha pang’ang’a na porojo. Mbicha?

Go for it. What works one may not work for another

Is she sexually attracted to you?You don’t want to chase a woman to convince her to have a relationship with you.If you do that,and go out of your way to do things for her,mwishowe utapata anakucheza though in this Nairobi,no woman is single.

Usioe chokora. Usioe chokora.

Two heads are better than one, even when one of them is USELESS …
In this case, just obey your small head … it appears to be the better one.

She is attracted to me and she is definitely into me more than I am into her.

She really want us to date but I’m hesitant and not showing emotions since I’m married and also cos iv heard horrific stories about being trapped. So I’m very cautious

Vile tumengoja picha kwa hii thread[ATTACH=full]280162[/ATTACH]

Deeeeeeeemnnn…you are married? And you want advise on how to operate a mpango?

Don’t judge.


You may be sexually compatible, physically attracted to each other and madly in love, but, one aspect most people ignore is the financial compatibility. You say she’s low income, ask yourself whether 10 years from now you will still be comfortable paying all the bills mpaka za watoto wenyu.
She will probably depend on you in the near future for everything, utaweza kuhandle the finances solo ama itakua bitterness and endless fights juu ya mbeca yako. All the same, once you decide, all the best.

Thanks. Very sober advice

Ujinga ni kitu mbaya sana