Dating and kissing late son's girlfriend, michael Ballack

Germany and Chelsea legend Michael Ballack has been pictured looking happy and in love with the 21-year-old friend of his late son Emilio, almost two years after the 18-year-old was killed in a quad biking tragedy. Ballack was spotted stooping in for a kiss with model Schneiderhan whilst they held hands.




Emilio with his father:


No, she wasn’t his son’s girlfriend…she was just a friend to the boy…perhaps using the boy to get closer to his millionaire dad

Men live very lonely miserable lives.

Ndio maana unapata jamaa ako na x6 anakatia mboch na cleaner.

Nothing will fill the hole. Sio x6. Sio 7m kwa bank. Sio mboch.

We were created this way to keep searching

As always, this maafaka will post anything and twist facts. She wasn’t his son’s girlfriend you moron.

Like Schwarzenegger’s affair with his maid yet he had a wife from royalty

Ma maid wanakuanga wachokozi.Akijua madam hayuko kwa nyumba na the man of the house yuko kwa sitting room utapata maid anajipa shughuli kwa sitting room akitingishatingisha tumatiti na tumatako ndio the man of the house a nyonji.

Uliwahi tupea story venye ulikua almost kukula maid… ama ulimkula?? Tupatie iyo hekaya tena mkuu

Are you still waiting for 100 million lottery win for you to date a woman? Or you are flabbergasted by seeing a man kissing a woman?

Are you trying to say that heterosexuals relationships is a foreign concept to the guy?

Apande seed kama kanyari


He is calling him homosexual

Wacheni ujinga. Is Emilio still using the poosy akiwa jehanamu?

Yaani leo kukanyaga shingo ya brown man?

A is his mission. You get distracted and you’ll find yourself doing silly things kama hizo

Keeping it in the family

@Sambamba if we generate a balance sheet for your assets and liabilities what’s figures will be at bottom ? Will it hit 100k ? Wewe hunikalia zile humbwer zilikua zinazurura shule na vitabu zikiishi library lakini life skills ni zero tu. Tuma CV nikutafutie kazi kijana

Mamaid huwa maximum feminine energy. Most likely young, polite, cooperative, caring, knows when to shut up, cooks and cleans. Hio combo ni hard sana kuresist. Compare that with your “queen” kazi ni kujibizana vitu ndogo ndogo

Ebu tafuta picha za huyo mboch wa Schwarzenegger.

unajiita ndume lakini uko na mucene kama mama watatu wa soko. Kino