dating an older lady

I have been dating this lady for 1yr now. she’s 2yrs older than me. some of my friends approve the relationship and some say its a NO! No!.. None of her friends know me and I believe she wouldn’t let them know I’m younger than her. personally I’m in a dilemma… is the relationship likely to work on a normal room temperature and pressure that other relationships undergo?

It will never work. Have fun while it lasts but don’t for a minute expect anything serious.

How old is she?? Older than 27??? That’s an ancestor. Dating older ladies issa No! They age fastest

Older lady, I thought she is more than five years older than you,

But what is dating?

Here’s the ans. Don’t.[ATTACH=full]147162[/ATTACH]

Go for it man. You make the relationship work, not others on an anonymous forum.

A woman will listen to a strong man. If you’re weak, whether she’s older or younger, you’ll be walked over like a carpet.

Be a man. A real man. Not the sissys we have today.

you will go to heaven direct

My thoughts;

Please don’t. If you have to just count yourself as her firstborn son. Look shes even not ready to show you to her frnds more so telling them that you are younger. It will come a point and she’ll be like am the “Head” and most probably yeye ndo atakuwa kusema. I once dated an older chick nikiwa college. After 2years she walked out of my life with a swag like that @Mathaais pussi. Vile umeambiwa hapo just enjoy your last benefits as you prepare to jump out mbio.

Age is just a Number …


If you both feel comfortable with each other and are honest about your future …
Go for it …


Advantages of most Older Women are Maturity , Honesty and Stability …
None of that “Slay Queen” bullsh*it that you get from young girls…



And you can learn a lot from them …

I have a cousin who is 32 and her hubby is 30 and they are just fine and happy… It depends on you I guess… Don’t miss out on real love just because age is barring you… Live your best life even if it’s with her. 2 years is not a very huge difference anyways.

Sound Advice …

Tomba wamama was women’s guild polepole bila kusumbua sisi, hangover ya too much booze and pussy is killing us.

Older chic +young guy=Disaster
As you have been told, enjoy while it lasts but don’t be too serious about it.

Matters dating do not have precise answers.

Saint 1776

Seriously Flawed Logic …
The proof …???
Young Chic + Young Guy = even more Disaster

Serious and Successful Relationships have LESS to do with age and MORE to do with Intent , Maturity and Honesty…

Tafakari Hayo …

I know Gals barely 25 who look 45 due to negative philosophies , goals and lifestyles …

Sawa nimetafakari but other than generalizations you will find most (not all) older chic, younger guy relationships rarely work out.

kindly don’t.
not even your age mate, go for a lady younger than you.