Dating 30+ women


kihii ntaenda deep in your dippy diabz. Fuck outta here. NV chieth.

Mighty wall remains undefeated

“An real problem” = “An doctor”.

30 plus women wako na mkia tight

…siwezi kula hawa watoto wa 20’s. Anything below 3rd floor i chase you away in my table kama Mbwa koko. Hawa watoto ni Malaya Sugu na wamejaza ukedi kwa hizo kuma zao kubwa kama bakuli za kamiti.

Maybe the issue is not so much age as it is sexual promiscuity. As some mention there, a woman would interpret your actions through the lens of all the men she’s been with in her past, humans were not designed for sexual promiscuity.

In the past our cultures had safeguards to prevent abuse of sex, but in the sexually liberalized society, the burden is on the individual. The liberal culture tells you sex is free, but it actually comes at a cost, psychological and physiological

But it’s difficult to find a 30 + woman without a kid or kids

Wacha nibaki kuwa prewaller

30+ women are invisible to me, I don’t even consider them for a hit-and-run, leave alone dating. Once your palate gets used to premium pre-wall soft meat, you can never even think of eating post-wall mutura and matumbo.

The problem na hiyo group ya 30s is that They are desperate to get married. The 20s want fun which is ok with some of us:D

“humans were not designed for sexual promiscuity”… I would replace humans with women

dinya na kusonga mbele

What do you do with the kind of woman who asks “where do you see this relationship going” on the very first date??

They have too many social, emotional and financial burdens. They drain your energy and resources.

Run away. Hao ndio huweka mtu pressure ya kuoa as if kuna deadline

Word :smiley:

Men too… because once you’re used to laying every skirt that crosses your path you are unable to properly bring up your offspring in a family environment. Why do you think we have a single-mother crisis, it is because of ‘hit and run’. Guys abandoning their kids out there who then grow up with psychological issues, in many cases.

Traditionally, you could only lay a woman who you had taken as your wife, meaning the kids had a proper home.

Niaje mzito si uniunganishie niingie NYS

You are nuts…,one of the tightest pudesh nakula right now ni ya 21yr old…dem namseti doggie msedes inakataa kuingia bana…some sweet petite kamba babe…sijawai patana na kuma iko na grip kama ya huyu toto…just get them tested for stds and your good to go…they are a vibe…