Dathan,Korah and Abiram

Three individuals led a revolt against
Moses: Korah from the Kohathite
branch of the tribe of Levi, and Dathan
and Abiram from the tribe of Reuben.
Why Levites (a clerical tribe) and
Reubenites (a lay tribe) united in this
protest is unclear. One recalls from ch.
2 that both the Reubenites and
Kohathite Levites were to march on the
south side of the tabernacle. Perhaps
their proximity to each other led to
their feeding each other’s discontent


as a result of their actions Musa couln’t get them to Ka-Annan?

and prolonged the rather short journey by 40 years thanks to their constant bickering


Story of Korah in the Qur’an



Tuko wapi na ni saa ngapi?
Naona nightwalkers are summoning spirits

Niaje mjuaji?

Vipi Profesa Gashui. Ata mimi niko classified location leo



Am curious, what does the Koran say about dogs? What did they do?