Data science

Wadau, Data science iko aje kwa wale mko hio field? Can an economics graduate venture into that field? Alafu opportunities zake abroad ziko aje? Azin the concern is the professional certification that can be of advantage for economics graduates. Between CFA, CPA etc or Data science. Sandeni sana.

An economics background fits well (especially if it’s econ and statistics) but basically anyone can migrate into it so long as you have the mindset to learn and work hard coz the learning curve would be steep.

It’s one of the fastest growing fields in the last 10 years and is projected to continue having strong growth in the next 10, as more entities and industries discover the value of DS.

I would advise one to venture into Data Analytics first, get its basics and experience and then slowly morph into DS.

Also, don’t go for formal classes first. Attend the various online bootcamp classes kwanza and try see if it’s your thing.

Great insights. I have clues on data analytics as I am proficient in SPSS and Stata

Data science is the way to go. Opportunities are immense.

Kwa muda huu masomo ya takwimu yatakupa kazi ya kifahari katika kampuni mbalimbali na hata serikalini. Kama umehitimu na shahada ya kiuchumi na fedha basi unanafasi nzuri sana ya kujiunga na masomo ya takwimu. Kazi zipo! hapa nchini na pia ughaibuni.

Great! In data science, you may need to learn either of R and Python as most of the modelling and key programming is done in those languages. I have used Stata for years and having switched to using R, I can’t help but marvel on how powerful it is. Additionally, it gives you more control over stuff as you work with objects unlike in Stata. The learning curve for R can be quite steep but with the right mindset you will enjoy.

SPSS is pretty common but very limited unless you are proficient in coding its syntax - not the click click stuff that other people can’t reproduce your results.

Nice. Can you recommend a site I can check for a start please?

Yeah, I am happy to. Below are good sites for a start (this is my go to place for any statistical learning)
MIT open courses - these courses are vital in getting the core concepts in probability and statistics.
Hadley Wickham’s (He’s the god of R) - anything by this guy is pure gold. Lots of materials online.

There is a library “Swirl” - that will serve as a nice place to get you going on the basics. One thing that you should be willing to do and I strongly advise you should - is to avoid trying replicate your approaches in Stata or SPSS on R. For instance, on data manipulation - you should not try to replicate what worked for you in Stata when using R. Instead, start from scratch and learn the new way to do things. Not sure if that makes sense, but it will save you lots of hours as you learn. The learning curve may be slightly steep and demanding, but dont be discouraged. Hang in there and the world will be your oyster!

Asante sana. On it now.

Walisema data is the new oil so I guess the field will do well

Ongea na @Kimakia and he’ll take you through the ropes. Only thing is that mkia lazima aitishe as payment

A data scientist is involved in making or providing meaningful insights from huge chunk of data (big data) gathered from various sources which are either structured on unstructured.
The meaningful insights generated from analysis and visualizations of the data is used to make decisions.

So that does not necessarily require one to have a certain kind of profession background,all one need to be willing to learn and be smart enough to learn how to use the Bigdata visualization tools such as Tableau,Python Matplotlib Library,Hadoop,Apache spark and many other.
We Data Engineers gather the data from different sources,extract,Load and transform,then load it into a big datawarehouse from where they(data Scientists) access it for visualization.

Ghasia nipee job ya kukutafutia data.

Used to have a genstat software for analysis 5 yrs to go, i disappeared from data analysis only to come back last year only to find all those free software nolonger exist except R. At first I declined to use it as it seemed like going backwards to hunting and gathering. Shingo upande I learned how to use it using youtube videos and somehow now I like it. Though it takes you back to revising your statistics and learning some basic coding

Kabisa. That’s why I recommended to him the MIT courses for thorough background. It won’t happen overnight,but he’ll get there.

Data is the way to go. BI