Data Recovery

My external Hard drive fell and now its not accessible. am getting a message "usb device not recognized’’
How can i access it? …saidieni hapa


Tupa tu…

The good news, there is probably still hope, but do not reconnect it again to power because you will definitely cause more damage to it depending on what has been bend

The bad… the only way to know how bad things are is opening up the HD and checking which of the three main components has been damaged. Now, unless you are a very good hardware person, i would highly recommend you dont perform that task, get a professional to do it

@amun,Thanks alot. any leads as to where i can have this checked. i understand hawa majamaa was EA data handlers ni bure sana.

I had a similar problem to yours. Difference is when I plugged in the HDD explorer froze.

I was, however, able to recover most of the data using a program called Photorec that I found on the Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD).

You could try plug it into a linux based OS and see if it works. Windows at times is more ruthless when it comes to malfunctioned devices.

@conoiseur i will try this.

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