dasLawyer Dastan Omari. Are lawyers on form just like footballers.

This lawyer is on every big case in court these days. What happens in legal field.

Huyu jama sijui kama huwa na clones ,ama he dosen’t sleep .

In the morning he’s on spice Fm , midday mapak jioni yuko court, 9 pm he is being interviewed , 11pm he is rescuing matiangi !

Used to be a children’s officer. Namjua. His bro did the initial heavy lifting

And he’s also a part-time lecturer.

Allegedly started studying law at the age of 40 ! Ten or so years later ako juu

He was a highschool teacher before becoming a lawyer.

Jamaa alisomeshwa na wife yake. Amejituma sana

He has some serious work ethic, I think he is one of the lucky few who found what he loves to do !

Yep ukipata chenye unapenda kufanya we hauonangi kama ni job… Kujituma tu pesa huwa zinaingia zina pata zile zingine so pia sio issue

Anafaa akue pia motivation speaker


No wonder every single of the last 5 tv arguments nimeona youtube…yeye huargue/shout kama kindergarten teacher in disguise…livestock like such types…hot air goose chasers…nothing more nothing less…his ability to hold legal brief is negative

Nani huyu

There are things beyond illiterates like you. In such things, you have no authority to comment on them.

He is very strategic in picking up cases with media attention. He doesn’t defend the cases to the end but is often there for the cameras. He is taking the direction of Cliff Ombeta. Very soon, he will be running for a political office.

@Azor Ahai asiskie hii… Tulisema kijiji cutoff ya kuji reinvent ni 35.

Read his interview on Tuko News. The guy’s a beast! Doesn’t know how to quit or give excuses.

Wadau big cases huwa silent. Yeye ako kwa zile cases zina publicity mingi, lakini sio hela.

Sidhani ku apply anticipatory bail ni case ama ata case kubwa


Bro yake ni yupi?