Dasani water, a product of the Coca-Cola company

Uses salt in it’s water to make you constantly thirsty which in turn increases product sales. Stay woke.

why is the water not salty?

If you are used to salty borehole water, you can’t tell the difference.


Leta link kwanza and thermal ya salt kwa maji.

I am used to nyewasco water which is mountain water…there was a time cocacola was bottling makali for Breweries and you could taste a trace of spirits in dasani but salt not yet. my preferred brands are highlands and quencher though…

upuss ata maji ikiwa salty utajua from the taste.

So, which brand are you promoting?

Probably those Chinese magnetic and other feng shui related purifier mumbo-jumbo.

This is a stupid unsubstantiated claim.

So if you get thirsty again what guarantees do they have you will drink dasani ?
Personally I prefer Kanjo water ( boiled and chilled) Nairobi has very sweet water mambo ya chupa apana tambua !

are you saying that they have invented salt that is not necessarily salty?

We live in a digital era my friends. Seek knowledge, stimulate your brain and stay woke.

If you have ever been in a business class you would know there is something called ‘Consumer Preference’. If you drink Dasani as your prefered H2O, Chances are you will still buy it again. Common ferking sense.

They put just enough salt that you wouldn’t necessarily notice it from the taste. I thought KTALK attracted the intelligent few of the population…

So you will drink the same salty water because of consumer preference or you will go to a competitor whose water isint salty ?
Next from this genius(modern) coke has cocaine !!!

You ferking dumbfuck. Obviously the average consumer is oblivious to the fact that there is salt in Dasani water. Did you even know that piece of information na venye uko na kiherehere nyingi.

by the way i don’t except all salts to be “salty” as NaCl is but i expect the OP to be more detailed than just dropping a statement.

Your just mad because listers called out BS ! take a chill pill and down it with a bottle of “salty water” !

meffi ulisoma Chemistry gani? not all salts are hygroscopic( water retaining) thus they don’t affect the osmotic balance in our bodies therefore it doesn’t necessarily cause thirst