Dark Theme Vs Light Theme, Wew Una Prefer gani?

Siku hizi 90% za apps ziko na hii option.

Dark themes save your battery since fewer LEDs light up. Lakini wewe whats your preference?

Since dark mode, my eyes are never sore, I can scroll for days, I even breathe better:D

Back then before dark theme kichwa ilikua inaniuma daily. Siku izi its my default kuanzia kwa system

Of course 90% of mofos will prefer dark mode coz the color matches their hearts.

If you remember your physics,or common general knowledge ,blue light has the shortest wavelengths and highest energy, so,hata ukieka dark theme bado utakua na eyestrain since blue light goes all the way to the back of your retina.A blue light screen protector/diffuser would suffice,mimi kama macho nne,anti glare coatting inasaidia

Dark theme jioni naweka Eye Care