Dark Skin Girls Appreciation

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D that’s the spirit bwana foreskin, now tell me between coomer chafu na smelly foreskin which smells filthiest?

Am growing older as time goes by and I just find somethings to be meaningless, like arguing with you, somebody I have nothing to learn from at all. I partake in chokosh wars to educate people, not to call them their moms name or show off my foreskin. The latter seems to be your forte. Somehow it no longer interests or intrigues me anymore. So if I ignore your incessant calls to engage you head-on in chokosh wars, just understand umri imekataa. You will understand when you get to your mid-twenties and you’re heading to late. In fact, I think you have noticed so too because lately you strive to engage in intelligent conversations however retarded opinions you give.

As you grow older does the foreskin also grow longer? Does it grow wrinkles like a old hag ?

@Josto Bwaku is @HomoSexual254

Ukikuja tag along those white pigs… I’d like to chew a while colonialist

Wazungu si wamejaa Nairobi boss. Have some confidence and approach a few. Kwani iko nini. Don’t be a coward. Usually in white spaces naonanga Kenyans wamejikunja kama sunguch. Tumtu tuoga everywhere around foreigners. Confidence hakuna.

I’ve chewed afew white meat…sina time ya kutongoza white gals. Niko na wife. Sitaki endless calls and msgs.

Usibadilishe story. Umesema you’d like to chew a white colonialist.