Dark Maasai Arts: Printing Money

I saw this video on Facebook and I just had a feeling someone was about to get conned. Imagine one of these “tycoons” or “city businessmen” being approached by someone selling a machine that’s printing money. How many people will rush to their banks and even take loans to buy the thing? Surprisingly (to some), it’s not that hard to make a high tech looking machine and stack it with legitimate notes and act like it’s printing genuine currency. I don’t know how legitimate this machine is but I’m not convinced. I think @dark massai 's friends are about to hit the jackpot.

Neither am i convinced…

One Victor Lustig used to sell the same machines in the late 19th century around 1890, how this con still works in the 21st century is funny to me.

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Kwani how heavy are those notes?

A paper drops with the sound of a 28 gauge iron sheet being dropped.


This is bull.shit. why does it need all those lights for? This is how you print fake money.



hehehehe even the way the notes overlap each other zikitoka inasema ni fake tuuu!

With an offset printer? Wow.

why would someone sell you a money printing machine…si aweke iyo machine kwake aprint pesa zote anataka


@dark massai alienda wapi? was he arrested or mobbed to death maybe?

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Watu wa 48 laws of power tunawaona. Everyday a sucker is born.
Enda tao on Sunday kwanza Tom Mboya utaona watu wakicheza pata potea

i remember seeing something about a security feature on notes that prevents copiers from making copies or even scanners from scanning them. Its a series of dots that modern printers will recognize as a currency note and stop the process. let me look for the link

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aaaiiii usinifanye nijaribu hii theory


you can also read this

Ferk…i forgot to try it out!