Dark Days ahead for China

The Chinese government tried to pay US State Legislature and Congressmen to pass a resolution praising China’s handling of the Corona Virus. When the advances were rebuffed China increased its Corona Virus deaths by 50%.

Last week French President said that France will never believe what China does, and will revisit their relationship once the dust settles.

The EU and UK have passed drastic measures that will prevent Chinese companies from buying any stakes. The UK has decided not to go with the Huawei 5G network.

China’s deplorable treatment of Africa has caused a lot of friction with China, and whether our leaders choose China or not, China will never be seen in the same way in the eyes of the Common African.

China’s export of faulty equipment across the globe in the guise of fighting the Corona Virus has fallen flat. Most countries demanded back their money and have decided to manufacture them or wait for the US to provide the necessary equipment. Japan has decided to support manufacturers out of China. The US that relied on China has decided to bring the companies back to the US.

Finally, according to leaked communication of the Chinese Communist Party- They believe that what China has done has already done irreversible damage that will take years to mend’. That said, I believe China should bear the responsibility of the collapsed economy in Kenya and post-pone our debts.

Post their virus, their allies will mostly be the timid compromised African despots sans the common African

That 50% death rate was a shocker to me…
Trump has ammunition now to neutralize China…

But at least common people will always be against Chinese propaganda.

If Africa had leaders, a body like AU would take it up and represent the whole continent in unilaterally defering ALL loan repayments to China.
People like Konyagi 1 would be running up and down the way he did when trying to get AU countries to exit ICC because of his case.

All loan and any other agreements with China should be made public even if it violates secrecy clauses with them.

We should be proactive and not wait to see what China will say about the loan repayments.

As soon as things improve am getting in touch with Mr Boniface Mwangi to organize major “Hatulipi” demos all over .ke

Then i go see Mr Okiya Omtata about filing local and international cases against China.

walaumbwa should go drying. Uhuru ni humbwer takataka pia yeye should be made to pay.

I agree with everything except the last part. Your own leaders sold you to the Chinese. Debts will have to be repaid

At least you are talking and doing it unlike the middle class making noise on Twitter

Not on your life. What you believe and what shall happen are two opposite things.

do you have any link on these stories of Eu and US fallout with China?

I already have my popcorns on hand for what will unfold. I have never been a fan of Chinese kwanza since wakuje kenya …wakute waafrika kwao kisha waanze hate on them…like wtf

Germany has already billed China for damages amounting to €130 billion. Kenya should also pull a similar move when the iron is still hot and use the loan as a major part of the payment. Lakini muratina 1 can never shit on his plate.

Kama a whole chinese plane landed here when corona was already declared a pandemic, unadhani mtaeza ruka deni?? Tumeshikwa makende bro.

Where is the link to this?

And when some were vehemently against an Uhuru presidency we were labelled sijui Jakuonists na upuss hizo zingine.

It’s not that we supported RAO, Uhuru was only in it for him and his family, close associates and friends.

The father laid a bad foundation for Kenya and his son Uhuru is twice as bad. Anyway, the best lessons learnt are through pain, agony & tears.

It has not.
It was a German newspaper that arrived at the figure.

Which AU? China built AU headquarters in Addis Ababa. China seconded Raila to AU as a loan salesman to African countries. AU is a run by China. AU is sustained by China.

Wacha tubebe hii mzigo tuliwekewa na kumira kumira brigade pole pole… Kuachiliwa loan is a pipe dream that only exists in the minds of those who are looking for someone else to blame… The real problem is Uhuruto / Jubilee government. But some would rather blame someone else. Meaning given a chance to do it all over again, they would not change their choices. Isorait!

what we might be failing to appreciate is that once the rhetoric becomes too venomous…actions will follow. In a time of global economic depression…mass unemployment and populist leadership…it takes a simple incident and we are looking at the unthinkable. Let us all keep our eyes focused on Venezuela. I suspect the spark will ignite there. Even before this crisis ends…