Daring developer fences off State Lodge land in Eldoret

Extra GSU teams were on Friday deployed to guard the Eldoret State Lodge after a daring private developer fenced off part of its land.
The more than 10 acres are directly opposite the State Lodge and the area is usually used as a parking lot by guests to the State Lodge.
Top police commanders, led by Eldoret East DC Norbert Komora and officials from Uasin Gishu, rushed to the State Lodge where three people were arrested while erecting a corrugated metal fence around the land.
The men arrested said they had been deployed by a former State House official, who claims to own part of the State Lodge land.
This comes amid investigations into how more than 4,000 acres belonging to KDF was grabbed at Moi Barracks.
Part of the fenced land at State Lodge in Eldoret yesterday

Contacted for comment, Komora responded in a text message and referred the matter to the area police boss. “You can ask the area OCPD about that,” Komora said.
Area police boss Richard Omanga said some people found fencing the land had been picked up for questioning. “We were there with my seniors but the matter is still under investigations because those people claim to have documents for the land. I cannot comment further on the matter, because it is still under investigation,” Omanga said.
Sources told the Star the security team was surprised to find beacons erected within the State Lodge’s vicinity, which is a highly protected area. It is used as the President’s residence whenever he is in the region.
“The people involved must be daring or well-connected because they have the nerve to move in and fence off land in a protected area,” a member of the Uasin Gishu security team, who declined to be named, said.

More like this thief is an idiot of the highest order.



State lodge Eld nimekunywa mizinga za Freedom na Teachers sana


Singh ameland nyumbani

That piece of land, is as good as gone. Did anything happen to the developer who annexed land from Statehouse Mombasa?

:D:Dthe country i call home

huyo aliiba shamba ya kdf ako poa

Kenya de:D:D:D

Akitaka kujenga weston hotel ingine kwao mnakataa… mbona hampendi maendeleo?

Shida ni hapo. These people stopped SANY the other day. Won’t be surprised if the state itself stops the probe.

Boss hiyo freedom niliona ikilewesha watu sana, I also frequent the eld state lodge over the weekend.



Tano tena. Kumi fresh. Why are people lamenting?

state lodge si ni state house yaa eldy?
how comes wasee wanaingia huko ovyo ovyo kukunywa?
na mukienda muweke bomb huko?

There is an AFCO kando yako ya security pia sio mchezo. kuingia state house huwezi, si huenda kwazile vibanda za AP (AFCO) kukunywa, security iko top notch, ukilewa unalala hapo kwa nyasi. sijui kaa ni hiyo wamegrab au?

Hao manyangau wamechukua ile spot ya kulala after lunch :D:D:D

Freedom si mchezo

ID card ya Officer is the passport to the place, lazma security check of the vehicle.