Daring Chinese: They are flying a spy balloon over Yuess

The balloon is still hovering above the US and there is nothing Guka Biden can do about it.

CNN)The US is tracking a suspected Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon over the continental United States, defense officials said on Thursday, a discovery that risks adding further strain to tense US-China relations.

Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder said the US government has been tracking the balloon for several days as it made its way over the northern United States, adding it was “traveling at an altitude well above commercial air traffic and does not present a military or physical threat to people on the ground.”

Speaking on background, a senior US defense official said senior military officials had advised President Joe Biden not to shoot it down due to fear the debris could pose a safety threat to people on the ground.


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No I don’t there is nothing they can do about it. By now they have gathered alot of info about it and are trying to see who brought it and where was it launched.

By the time they take it down utasikia indictments and charges ikifuata.

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America should not act innocent, the CIA has destabilised many regimes worldwide

Basically China wanazunguka yues space as yues wanazunguka wao kwa ground…(s.korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, az etc)…katanuka kombora ya kwanza ikiwachiliwa…I hear Kuna kombora zinatembea space to drop any time

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Okay, paliz explain why China would fly a high altitude balloon when they’ve got spy satelites in the stratosphere. Don’t you thnk this’s just yuess prokopanda??

[SIZE=7]Why the U.S. Isn’t Shooting Down the Chinese Spy Balloon[/SIZE]
Homeland-security threats and national security threats demand different responses.
By Juliette Kayyem

The revelation immediately produced a chorus of armchair analysts and GOP politicians insisting that President Joe Biden was weak in the face of clearly aggressive action by the Chinese. Some insisted that former President Donald Trump would never have allowed such a violation of American borders. Many commentators wanted the U.S. to do something—anything.


I’m no military expert, but I understand gravity. A surveillance balloon isn’t really a balloon; it likely has metal frames and carries electronic gear, and contains gases and other chemicals. These potentially dangerous materials will not reliably burn up when entering the Earth’s atmosphere, because they are already in the Earth’s atmosphere. Although the balloon lingers somewhere above where passenger jets normally fly, it is in American airspace—which is to say, the American homeland.

Homeland-security threats demand different responses than national security threats. Blowing up an adversary’s airborne surveillance equipment over Montana, or even scrambling to capture it, involves different logistical and legal calculations than doing so in an active theater of war. Montana residents probably wouldn’t appreciate stuff spilling from the sky. Falling debris could maim or even kill Americans on the ground. Personal and property damage would occur. Kinetic action in a situation like this has a cost borne not by another country or its citizens, but by ours.

The balloon’s specific surveillance capabilities are unknown, and the Chinese government denies that it is collecting intelligence. That assurance seems highly dubious. But even if Beijing is gathering information it couldn’t otherwise get from satellites—balloons, after all, can hover over particular facilities, perhaps including nuclear-missile launch sites in Montana—the U.S. goal is to make China stop doing that while avoiding harm to Americans. We don’t have to jump into action immediately because China has provoked us—or because Biden’s domestic critics claim that China has provoked us. The balloon is not a nuisance to either commercial airlines or U.S. military capabilities. Protections on the ground can deny the Chinese surveillance access to whatever it is they are interested in.

We have time. One definition of crisis is a disruption that affords little time to respond before it turns into a disaster. Emergency management, then, presents two basic choices: Either prevent the disruption or buy yourself more time to minimize its consequences. The standard jargon for the latter approach—“extend the runway”—is conceptually helpful.

In this case, two things appear to be true: The balloon is not an immediate threat, and the balloon cannot remain over our skies indefinitely. A lack of clarity about how the U.S. plans to resolve those two propositions, including by shooting the balloon down at a later point, isn’t necessarily harmful. By exposing the balloon’s existence, the administration has put pressure on China to de-escalate the issue. This morning, Beijing said in a somewhat conciliatory statement that it “regrets the unintended entry of the airship into U.S. airspace.” Secretary of State Antony Blinken has now postponed his expected visit to China next week. The State Department knows how to use language. Tellingly, he did not cancel his visit, but merely delayed it. The runway got a little longer.

Juliette Kayyem is a contributing writer at The Atlantic, the faculty chair of the homeland-security program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and the author of [I]The Devil Never Sleeps: Learning to Live in an Age of Disasters[/I].


Republicans paint Biden as soft on China as surveillance balloon soars over US
“It would have become politically untenable. There would have been enormous political pressure from both Democrats and Republicans,” said Craig Singleton, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies with a background in national security. “It’s important that we don’t reward the Chinese with high-level meetings, particularly those focused on stabilizing the bilateral relationship at a time when they’re taking increasingly belligerent, hostile and provocative action against the United States.”

[I]While Singleton says the incident is undoubtedly an “embarrassment” for China, it may be a moment of reckoning for the Biden administration.

“In many cases, this administration is at war with itself over China policy. There are elements of the interagency that want to take a firmer line,” he said. “And then there are elements, particularly the State Department, that are seeking to establish guardrails in the bilateral relationship.”

Capping his statements Friday, Blinken took a sterner tone than usual, calling on China to match the U.S. commitment to avoiding escalation.

“The world expects the United States and China to manage our relationship responsibly,” he said. “The United States will continue to act in a way that reflects that responsibility. We look to our PRC (People’s Republic of China) counterparts to do the same.”[/I]

The Chinese are over 60 yrs behind America on this.

Yeah man there are thousands of satellites in space but now you need a balloon to spy on another country. Hii ni low IQ American propaganda. How many geosynchronous satellites hover over USA at any one time??

The F35 B might be grounded for technical faults hence the inept nature of the American airspace to shoot down weather balloons.

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