Dangote the Genius

Early 2000s while Obasanjo was in power: imported cement gets slapped with 100% customs duty Dangote cement flourishes

2023: Dangote refinery opened last week, Tinubu removes fuel subsidy on inauguration day.
Aliko Dangote is the best of the best in mambo ya taon!

Hizi colleges huwa mnasoma nini aki? Can’t you figure out that removal of subsidies will hurt fuel sales hence fuel business? You see, you should be on Thika road ukijaza Matatu. Someone more deserving should have taken your slot. Lakini hii ni Kenya. Mtoto mjinga lakini wazazi wako na pesa ya kupeleka yeye community college. You don’t represent this country because you belong in the bottom half in terms intelligence. Nyinyi ndio mnapatia waafrika jina mbaya. In our days, only the best went to represent the country abroad. And those wazungu were left with tales to tell.

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We mbwa this is a copy paste, how dense are you lakini?

Also wivu itakumaliza, sikujui, hunijui, why are you so pressed? Plus this is an anonymous forum and anything goes. Anyway I am enjoying life while Ruto overburdens you with taxes. You would never live even half of the life I have lived and you would remain to be a bitter soul on online anonymous forums. Get rest.


Heheeee…please explain how it will hurt fuel sales and the fuel business (in the context of Nigeria removing fuel subsidies because they are now refining internally)

I hear Dangote has been allowed to set up a cement factory in kenya. [SIZE=1]who will be the local shareholders? [/SIZE][SIZE=3]Housing fund iendelee kuskumiliwa hustlers…[/SIZE]

You remove subsidies, prices go up, and the demand drops.

Curious why he would do so given some cement factories are in financial trouble.

Why this man has remained the richest in Africa for that long shows just how lazy we are

@Aka mpole you are very right. Fuel in Nigeria is very important because most homes do not have access to electric power and therefore use generators. Consumption may drop slightly but sales revenues may be higher. Secondly you may find that consumption remains the same while fuel price rise is passed on to cunsumer.

Nigeria fuel is very cheap and most is smuggled to neighbouring countries due to its low cost.

Finally, the uproar may make subsidies to be returned and paid to Dangote instead of fuel marketing companies. Remember Nigeria uses between $7.5bn to $10Bn on fuel subsidies alone per year.

Dangote will be paid these money na agawir wakubwa zao. Very clean stealing mechanism