Dangerous overtaking......


why all that hurry?

This driver should be banned from driving anything that has an engine for many years. Hata kama this is his only way for earning a livelihood

This is Southern Bypass yesterday. The truck driver was ACTUALLY trying to avoid hitting other vehicles. Something had jammed. Look at the video keenly.

Magari ya chinchin brake pedal ni ya mbao. What do you expect?


Shida ni gari. He tried his best

looks like he actually saved alot if lives

My two cents which might not be related to this truck accident: Please drivers, FFS stop driving at a snail’s pace while on the speeding lane! Do not over speed but if you are doing way below the limit, move to the left :mad:. I use the bypass quite often and this leads to unnecessary braking and constant lane changing that is a recipe for an accident happening yet mtu anaendesha at 40kph hana any vehicle infront of them…

Some drivers do not understand that under-speeding is sometimes just as bad as over-speeding.

I believe this goes back to poor instructions (or lack thereof) in Driving School. It’s extremely frustrating and actually negates the benefits of infrastructural developments. Many a time on Thika Road I’ve driven kilometers on end behind “snail-pacers” who’ve occupied all the lanes. More often than not, other drivers are forced pull dangerous moves to try and occupy the vast spaces ahead of these “snail-pacers”.