Damu mbaya


We! Yaani for the past 23 years there is evidence connecting the guy to hard looting and theft.

jamaa alizaliwa na looting gene kama ile umbwa @Kalenjin101

huyo Sunkuli anazunguka na yeye has a case in court ya hizo time he raped a school girl kwa hio ofisi yake akim promise bursary . FIDA ilileta naree mbaya . Ruto all his life is associated with thugs ,conmen , washwash . then munataka apewe president , you are jokers

The photo and caption don’t quite match. What do Sunkuli’s remarks regarding Timothy Njoya’s beating on June 13th 1999 have to do with the Kenya Pipeline Corporation scandal of May 2004 in which Ruto was involved?

The Code of Conduct for Journalists in Kenya requires the media to avoid creating such distortions:


A leopard never changes its spots.