Damn superfast

In just 9 days. This was damn super fast. Thank God, this disease never broke out in Kenya cause know many of us would have been wiped out


First death outside China reported in Philippines

Hii ni propaganda to divert attention from the fact that the Chinese authorities knew about the virus in late November last year but they still allowed millions of people to pass through the affected ground zero cities.

Vile kimeumana zaidi ndio wamereact with such silly videos.

Furthermore there is nothing a communist country fears more like riots. That is why they love coverup and propaganda. They themselves came to power through riots and mass murder but wakiona kitu inaweza leta unrest ama protests… they correctly assume that those protests could easily spill over to the desire for freedoms aka democracy.

So to avoid the risk of democracy they are very quick to offer fake remedies.

In as much as you hate communists with that american passion in you…i absolutely agree with you on this. Comies are scum