Dame Yako Ako Tinder

Hio voice ya huyu jamaa. I think that’s how @patco sounds like.


Why would you be imagining how your fellow treeholder sounds like

Really now? :smiley: your fellow?

A b!tch is a b!tch but a dog is a man’s best friend.

Good question. He must have put a lot of thought into it the filthy faggot.

I wonder what he is planning to do to that patco dude now that he is imagining how that patco guy talks. A very ga.y njaruo this @LongerTime .

unakuanga na hard on ya wajaluo sana. Pole patco. Mi natoka minority tribe.

I keep telling guys your woman will be gone in 20 seconds. Here is proof. Women always try to upgrade if they think they’ll get away with it

But usijali. Upgrade is always worse. The higher they ain, the less we like them