Damage To US Air Base In Iraq Hit By Iranian Missiles

[SIZE=6]Damage To US Air Base In Iraq Hit By Iranian Missiles (Satellite Photos)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]Turns out that the Iranian strikes were apparently very accurate, check out these photos:[/SIZE]


Wamepeana coordinates to Hezbollah


Iran’s Missiles

Iran is fire to bask from afar.

Unfortunately ,a donkey and the night watchman ,probably,were the casualties…like they couldnt pick a more damage-able airbase:(:confused:

those were only warning shots,yankees arent safe im m.e.

Consider that if they killed a few, they may not have lived to fire another round. We would be reading about Iran as a nation that once existed somewhere near Mesopotamia.

A 1 year old kid Poking a leopards anus

Iranian intentions here were three.

  1. Show usa Iran capabilities to collect Intel on ground installation on real time basis. They knew precisely where personnel were on the base, which were empty and probably every facilities there. Show pin point capabilities to strike them simultaneously.

  2. Prove again and again that the billion dollars us patriot defense system is useless to buy, arm and maintain. Saudi Arabia and South Korea suspected as much that they wasted money on us spin and have lost their money to conmen.

  3. Give trump room to chicken out on a trumpet move which he gladly took.

And you think the Iranians are stupid enough to give the US an excuse to commence military action that would leave Iran worse than before? The US killing Soleimani was all the proof they needed that whatever they are doing is working, that airstrike was bait and like the shrewd cats they are they sidestepped that trap. They can now go back to growing their influence in the middle east.


Images show chaos on US base as Iranian missiles explode

The purpose was not to kill Americans

The Iranians warned their Iraqi counterparts about an hour before launching the missiles. Of course, the Americans also knew about it. I think it was just aimed at showing that Iranians are capable of hitting back. Iran also warned that if Americans launched an attack from another country, that country would become a legitimate target. This would make it harder for countries hosting American bases to allow attacks to be launched from their soil.


can launch missiles on international waters from their carriers

:smiley: Then Iran will hit the international waters with their precision bombs

I like this!


Iran General Haji-Zadeh summary press conference IRGC missile attack to US air bases in Iraq