daktari za kenya ni mikora tupu

I have never done front end medicine. click into some NHS trusts. Utakuta some data points.

Kenyan doctors are as qualified, mistakes occur once in a while and it does not mean its a national crisis…
The biggest problem sinking the Kenyan health sector is one… profit over cure,
Kwanza wakijua uko na cover kubwa, utapewa hata vaccine ya measles na leprosy because of a head-ache

A cousin of mine went to hosi after their boarding school had a small diarrhea outbreak and everyone was sent home, the parents are well off so cover was not an issue,
kijana alirudi nyumbani na paperbag ya madawa, total cost 10k, yet none of the tests carried out were +ve,

Most small health centers in Kenya have turned into med selling businesses , if you have realized , consultations are not so expensive, tests are relatively affordable, then you get to the point of drugs, where the doc has the prerogative to write anything, unajaziwa madawa and the costs in their pharmacy are out of the roof … triple compared to the street pharmacies.

Kuna siku nimepeleka dame hosi akiwa na some problem akaandikiwa P2 @ 1100shs, yes that which costs 150shs…

In such a scenario , 2 things result in the industry …1. doctors though qualified are prone to make misdiagnosis mistakes because to them sales are the 1st thing, 2.health care becomes extremely expensive , if you want to know , go and ask the cost of a Cesarean section at Nairobi hospital or Mater.

An old man develops eye lid weakness mpaka akikula lazima ashikilie macho na finger ndio aone food. kidogo, he cannot swallow. next, his legs and mikono become weak. Next, his extra ocular muscles are paralysed, he cannot move his eye ball. all within a month. MRI brain normal. He cannot afford any other tests. His oxygen saturation is going down.

Now, if anyone can audit a doctor, please follow the right procedure every time everywhere for that guka and tell us what his doctor should do.


Hakuna kitu mbaya Gait amesema. Hapa Kenya hatutaendelea kutibiwa na makumbavu wenye wanaweka pesa mbele

True. Ni ujinga tupu…

How is Jimmy Supposed to know? That’s the job of the doctor. And if the doctor doesn’t know because he wants to rush and make money are you going to blame Jimmy? Stop being defensive. There is a lot of incompetence in our hospitals.

How is Jimmy supposed to know? If a guy corners a common cold and ends up in India with a doctor shining lights up his ass hole? Hata mimi how am I supposed to know?


Jimmy Gait’s ordeal opened the dialogue about accessing quality health care within the country. But could it also have underlying motives like promoting medical tourism to India?