daktari za kenya ni mikora tupu


Hiyo advertisement ya BLK hospital, Kijana analipwa ngapi.

What if the Indian guys have misdiagnosed him?
Wrong diagnosis is everywhere on the world, that’s why you go for second and third opinion.


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This is very stupid.

Jimmy is a well known character. He goes online and makes a blanket statements about “Kenyan doctors” and how useless they are… Watu wengi sana live with GERD na hata hawajawahi enda hospitali. So the next time he shows up with a really life threatening condition wacha hio GERD anasema hapa…daktari gani atamkaribia kama zake ni kuongea hivi? I hope tu madaktari wake hawataona hii story anaongea hapa.

I think people should ditch their doctor quietly if they have no confidence in him/her. Otherwise, siku moja anaweza kurudi tu hiyo hospitali anasema akiwa mgonjwa afanyiwe test millioni moja na wakose kujua ni nini inaendelea. Sasa ataenda akimake blanket statements about “Indian doctors”?

In that clip he didn’t identify any doctor that was treating him. The message coming across to me is that doctors should practice evidence based medicine, which their training requires them to do anyway. I don’t see anything wrong with what he did. When making expensive decisions, you should always seek second opinion.

Do you think he was wrong in seeking second opinion? If not, why do you think it’s wrong for him to speak out? He believes that doctors here are too transactional and don’t have his interests at heart, are you in a position to rebutt this?

In the end there he is inviting the Indian to come to Kenya and help Kenyan doctors get their act together. He is creating the general impression that Kenyan doctors are doing nothing but make mistakes. The take home message that unless you are wealthy enough to get to India, you are fucked.

Not very long ago my dad’s car was rear ended by a speeding heavy goods truck and thrown on to an oncoming truck. The truck guys then collided, basically the two guys literally drove over the car and trapped it underneath them as they were colliding. Pretty much.

Well. He survived. With chest injury and a few broken bones.

ICU staff, physicians, general surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, nurses, physio, mpaka watu wa chakula na kila mtu walisaidia mzee sana. Akatembea. Nawashukuru wote. God bless them.

One example tu ya what Kenyan doctors do daily. Right now there is a Kenyan doctor somewhere saving a life.

Kwani how unlucky are some people they always land with the quacks? Ni kama they are cursed ama nini? Of all the good Kenyan doctors, someone has to meet the quacks only? Aje sasa?

Let’s be factual sir. That video does not have any evidence that he called ALL Kenyan doctors quacks. He only complains that his situation was not handled properly. Is it possible that his situation was mishandled? Were there errors? How can we improve our systems?

I think you sir are missing constructive criticism for disdain. I trust my physician and specialists who are all Kenyan. However, I expect them to do their absolute best while treating me and my family.

BTW, we didn’t get the whole story in this thread. Were there tests done in India that were not available in Kenya?

:D:D:D GERD sio kitu ya kukupeleka India. Hata sio kitu ya kukutoa Nyeri kuja Nairobi, wacha kwenda India. If it takes you to go to India to get sorted for GERD, then you need to get out of the galaxy for a cardiac cathetirization. Heheheeee…

Lakini watu wengine mambo yao huenda tu hivyo. They struggle with everything.

With medicine, a lot of caution is obligatory. I once interviewed with an international medical related organization and they had a written section. The instructions were very clear,[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)] don’t attempt questions that you can’t answer.

If you are a honest doctor, and you cannot identify the root cause of the problem, refer the case to your seniors or check into your network.

Spoken like a medic.

He he. Mimi apana medic. Niko na hiyo background kidogo but I don’t want blow my anonymity.

I agree. Consultation should come easy to a wise person. Doctors included.

I think we should hold doctors like any other professionals. We have strict entry criteria for a doctor, it’s a protected profession, let’s ask for accountability for those that get in. We can’t have doctors governing themselves.

This is a similar situation to JSC governing itself through judges, magistrates and advocates. We need political accountability.

Reason why politicians can not provide peer audit for professionals is because most of them operate at a submental level. Literally.

Anyone who is not a pilot will likely fail miserably in an attempt to provide reasonable audit in relation to a pilot’s performance (or it’s lack there off) after an aviation mishap.

I sometimes listen to nonmedics yapping away about what coulda/shoulda, woulda, mighta/oughta etc…nanyamaza tu. Kwa sababu kuna mtu atasikia mwengine akisema sikuweza kujipeleka kwa choo kwa sababu, “I cant walk” Unasikia mwengine huko anasema, “He can’t stand” Mwengine, “He can’t move” Heheheee…

In areas like medicine and law, peer audit is necessary. You cannot audit a doctor unless you are a doctor yourself, preferably one senior to the one being audited.

Sir, I disagree. Oversight doesn’t mean that you must understand every aspect of the field you are supervising. It only calls for indipendent professional input

It is not possible to have a parliament that has experts in every field within the staff leave alone parliamentarians!

Can a nonmedic provide peer audit for medics?

Ok doc:D

It’s possible. If we define Audit to mean that the right procedures are followed every time everywhere, anyone can audit doctors.