Dakar Regional Express (Electric) Train

The first section of the Regional Express Train that will link Dakar to Diamniadio (36 km) will be received by His Excellency Mr. Macky Sall, President of the Republic of Senegal on January 14, as announced at the laying of the foundation stone in December 2016. The tests of this section in electrical operation of the TER, carried out from 5 to 9 January, were successful.
my question is, why is the mchina man everywhere?

Mchina ako biz. anatafutia unga watoto wake.

It’s theit time to eat. The most amazing thing, is how mwafrika has started to send his best brains to China’s high institutions of learning, for the longest time, he was sending them to the west, United kingdom, United States, France and so many places.
Sasa tunaenda China kwa masomo ya hali ya juu. The point here’s, when a country is in the process of becoming a super power, it’s curriculum and education changes towards dominance of world resources.
The African continent is the softest target, which makes us the hunted. So, why do we send our own, to learn about dominance (hunter), while we are the dominated (hunted)? ,And once these educated guys come back home, all they do is play to the tune of the hunter.
It takes a serious brain to flip this around. Anyways graduate from MIT control a 3rd of world resources. Well, MIT curriculum was based on The British Technical Schools systems, the same systems that the colonists brought as Polytechnics and technical schools in kenya.

Xi jinping has to provide healthcare to 1.7 billion people. Provide housing to 1.7 billion people. Provide education to 1.7 billion people. It will be funded by the black man, at a high cost, due to his ignorance and foolishness

China is an authority of sorts when it comes to the subject of trains - they even have the fastest trains in the world… and both their PRICES and TERMS are more friendly than their Western contemporaries.