Dairy farming- hit or fail

[ATTACH=full]109999[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]110000[/ATTACH] Wakulima na watu wa biashara kujeni karibu, a friend to a friend is selling his pregnant dairy cow and a cousin(I helped him settle in Nairobi from shagz) has asked I fund this to help him kick start his business. Anasema return on investment will be about 2years, he has the basics for taking care of cows including dairy cattle. He has suggested I buy like three to start off. Do we have succesful farmers hapa? In the village they sell a litre at about ksh35 to the factory, this cow produces 28litres minimum per day, the records are there.Basic maths totals this at about 980ksh per day, now less expenses that include farm labor and feeds, and the ocassional vet. Selling direct to consumers brings to about ksh 70 pd and translates to ksh 1960 pd per cow. Mnaonaje hii maneno? Ps I do not intend to be active in this, and I also won’t feel offended sana hii pesa ikichomeka. Sasa the advert reads thus:
Holstein Friesian for sale at Havilah Farms. Will be sold together with her 4months heifer. The heifer is from her 3rd lactation.
Selling at 160k for both.

hii itakuwa ni ndama ya kwanza au namba gane… kama zimepita nne apan nunua io ng’ombe

It has been stated its on her 3rd lactation. Bado chance moja ama hii ni ngombe mzee sumbua

fanya hivi bro hii iko sawa. Quick question mwenye anabuy amejipanga financially. ako na Silo za feeds . ako na thaara ya atleast 8months juu freshian hukula kama ndovu hehe.

Hapa kuna mtu ana offload oldstock chunga

Where is he based ,problem with these exotic cows is environmental changes.Most of them are breeds from SA and they have a common problem of mastitis. Lakini this shouldn’t worry you much. Kwa hesabu and ROI hapo siko poa.

Thara zimejaa kwa shamba ocha, na mimi ndio sponsor, naweza simamia io miezi sita as he sells the milk.

Its a professional farm, all the records are available. Can my vet be able to check mileage ya hii ngombe?

The seller is based in Nakuru, the relocation farm is based in Ol Kalau, same geographical location, within two hrs of each other

Mbona anauza fresian iko karibu kuzaa?
Hapa si kuna mtego jamani?
Maoni yangu.

THIS IS THE BEST THREAD IF THE YEAR. @Deorro pea huyu star :star: ya general

Niko hapa kutafta maoni, whats the worst case scenario? Keeping in mind I will be having a professional vet in tow

Wewe ni mkulima ? Ama mkulima mtarajiwa

Napenda ng’ombe sana. Nina land ka ningepata kijana mpenda ng’ombe ningefuga coz I won’t be near the farm

Are there such breeds in Ol Kalau ??

Ati atia bingwa dc

ACC, …D.C. Ni wewe

I used to spot some in a mzungu farm nearby. Most farmers though into dairy farming prefer the kienyeji method instead of zero grazing which includes utilizing maximum milk producing breeds like this one.

Your individual efforts is what matters, proper planning needs to be executed before you start. If you don’t have a good cow shed, start with it plus the mattress. If you don’t have a silage, make one. The other let down is if you don’t have stock of fodder and feeds. The biggest let down is the casual labourers,especially if you get loafers. Those cows feeds more than an elephant. Workers keep on coming and going. You also need sometimes to take the panga and motivate the workers

kitu ntakuambia for free hakuna biashara ina stress kama ya dairy farm … wacha nitoke hapa